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    Some Several Issues Reported Here. Please Check it.

    As far as we can tell this was a one-off data consistency issue that shouldn't really happen again. If it's still a thing (we've looked into it a bit though, and doesn't seem like it should ever be), it'll be worth creating a new issue for it. This one I addressed in my previous response, so I won't go into that again. tl;dr: not a lot we can do about it; the behaviour as-is is the best compromise for different situations and making this change would only be detrimental. This was fixed some time back. :-) These have their own issues, which are over time being sorted. Today's patch in particular addressed a few of them. If there's anything specific that isn't reported (as-is, this report is fairly vague ), please create an issue for it. Thanks!Closing this now, since everything has pretty much been addressed. Thanks again for your feedback and support!
  2. twostars

    Close range arrows occasionally fail

    Please let us know if this is still happening after today's patch. :-)
  3. twostars

    Clan cape color changing bug.

    Can you let me know if this happens again as of today's patch? Thanks! :-)
  4. twostars

    Archer Dark Pursuer

    This should be resolved by today's patch. Please let me know if you continue to experience this issue.
  5. twostars

    Hour chat ban for spammers ? yes or no ?

    This will be in place after maintenance today. We may need to tweak spam thresholds when it goes live, but we'll see how it goes.
  6. twostars

    Clan cape color changing bug.

    I tried reproducing this with the current client, but couldn't. I'm hoping the reason for that is the issue was identified & fixed by mgame already in that client, so we'll see if it's still possible when we release that.
  7. twostars

    Current problems with CSW

    To my understanding, none of these are bugs (although the HP of the monument could be tweaked). Only the clan that holds the monument ends up getting anything out of it; alliances are merely a truce of sorts between clans, but the monument itself remains free reign. This explains why alliances can take the monument from each other. As for why allies of the clan holding the monument do not spawn in the castle, this is to prevent the castle from being dominated by a considerable number of defenders and causing it to only be a fight amongst one alliance for the monument. As-is, it's very much possible to retake the castle so the monument should be able to change ownership more during an event than if one alliance was to just sit on it all event with nobody being able to take it because all allies of the defenders would just respawn there and prevent any real successful attack.
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    Some Several Issues Reported Here. Please Check it.

    We've changed the matchmaking system numerous times to the point where I feel there's not all that much more we can actually do. The original implementation allowed better for more chance at participating, but worse group comps which people had issue with. Regarding registration order, I really don't think the order should matter; when the order is not random, you are able to rig the system to match you up with friends instead of everyone having a fair chance at the event by matching you up with randoms. This is why games that allow you to queue up with friends tend to match you up with other groups that queue up with friends, to try and even things out in the interests of fairness. With a solo queue system like this though, it's just not going to work. All it's going to do is introduce a great deal more unfairness and complaints when people essentially queue up "together". Unless anyone has a solution to address both problems, in all likelihood the system is going to be left as-is because really we'd just end up effectively reverting it & bringing back the same old complaints that caused it to be changed in the first place, and well... that's no fun! =]
  9. twostars

    Clan cape color changing bug.

    Interesting. Thanks for the update.
  10. twostars

    Hour chat ban for spammers ? yes or no ?

    This is exactly it. We actually considered it when initially writing up the server, but didn't really see much need for it back then, so never really bothered. Now though, once we finish up with a few things we're already in the process of working on, it's something definitely worth looking into adding.
  11. twostars

    Melody/ eden

    To follow-up, this change has been implemented.
  12. twostars

    Melody/ eden

    So I've looked into it, and there *is* no bug here, everything works as it was intended to. E-mail changes work this way - that is, sending an email to the new the new address to ensure it's actually valid/exists, rather than having an e-mail sent to the old address to confirm that you want this to happen - for the sake of people losing access to their old e-mail addresses and such. To get to this page, they need to have access to your account; with the various functionality we have to restrict access to accounts, that means they need to 1. know your username, 2. know your password, 3. be in an allowed country/region, and finally 4. have access to your OTP code generating device (if it's setup, which it SHOULD be). Then, if you're logged into it and someone comes along and uses your browser, it re-requires your password just to confirm that it's still you. So for whatever reason, you gave them enough access to your account that they could login & use your account. Unfortunately, that's on you -- and precisely why we don't condone account sharing. Having said that, I feel the tradeoff there isn't really worth it (better security for people who aren't being safe with their accounts, over convenience for everyone else), so we'll go ahead and require your seal password there as well. That should enforce the same level of security - albeit in a roundabout way if you don't actually remember your seal password (i.e. you'll need to go ahead and reset it, which will be sent to your existing e-mail address ... so you can then go ahead and change your e-mail address to another). Hopefully this will reduce issues like this in the future, albeit at the expense of us having to deal with changing e-mail addresses for people who don't have access to them anymore and all that fun stuff that goes along with that... :-)
  13. twostars

    Staff applications are open!

    Applications should be posted here: http://forum.apexko.com/forum/55-staff-applications/ Thanks :-) Edit: Moved your post there.
  14. twostars

    Krowaz zone bugged

    This was fixed a while back. Thanks for the report.
  15. twostars

    Mage elemental damage on staff bugged

    "since i played another server 20xx version and woe was doing more damage with novas." Only we took the time to ensure ours was accurate, while they clearly did not. :-) What they're using is our old calcs for this. They were correct for older versions, but with newer versions it changed. The damage is correct. We've verified it countless times against official.
  16. What is OTP? OTP ("one-time password") protection, is a form of "two factor authentication". Enabling OTP requires you to enter in a 6-digit code generated by your smartphone (or other device) every time you login to either the website or the game. Doing so drastically limits the ability for attackers to gain access to your account. How do I enable it? Simply login to the website and press "enable it now" on the red popup notification that shows on every page until it's enabled. Follow the prompts from there. :-) What's two factor authentication? The concept of two factor authentication is simple, but important to understand. Ordinarily (without two factor authentication), you require a username and password to login (that is, something you know). Two factor authentication adds an extra piece of information (in this case, a 6 digit code that expires every 30 seconds) that can only be obtained by something you physically have (e.g. a smartphone). That is, for an attacker to gain access to your account, they would not only need your username and password, but your smartphone too. This alone drastically reduces the risk of an attacker obtaining access to your account. If you have a smartphone (and most people do these days!), you should be using two factor authentication wherever it's supported (not just here at Apex KO!). What do I need to use OTP? You'll need a smartphone that supports Google Authenticator. We chose Google Authenticator because it's widely used and highly portable, so this shouldn't be a problem. That's it! What if I don't have a smartphone? Can I still use OTP? No problem -- while it's less secure than having a separate independent device, you will find that most operating systems do have an alternative. For example, for Windows users, there's WinAuth! Please note that we only directly support the Google Authenticator app, but no matter what you use, setting it up should be trivial (all you really need is the key we provide when you enable or reset it). Isn't it more complicated? Why bother? You might think so at first, but using the OTP code really only adds a couple more seconds to your login process. It really isn't much of an inconvenience at all, but having the ease of mind that your account is safe is certainly more than worth it! My codes don't work (or they only work some of the time) Your device most likely just needs to have its time synchronised with a time server. Google Authenticator has a feature under "Settings" to do this for you; at the time of writing, "Time correction for codes". If you're still having issues, please send us a support ticket and be sure to mention your device's model, what you're logging into (website? the game client?), and any other information that may be helpful (do you switch timezones frequently?). How do I use this on another device? You can only use OTP with one device at a time. To use it on another device, you will need to reset OTP protection, which will allow you to setup a new key on another device.
  17. twostars

    Suggestion About Juraid Mountain

    Possibly? We did this for FT, but I'm not sure if we can get away with it for Juraid Mountain as well. KO does weird things with events and their signups, so you kind've have to be very exact with how they expect things or random things bug out in the client -- particularly with Juraid. As Dwarf said though, something will also have to be done about the event rewards to warrant people caring about it. I'll look into it and see if I can make it work, but the client can be very finnicky. We'll see.
  18. twostars

    Please fix hp&mp recovery items

    This should be fixed with the next restart.
  19. twostars

    Please fix hp&mp recovery items

    Interesting. Will look into it, thanks for the report. :-)
  20. twostars

    Are bosses spawn only instance 1 ?

    Correct. Bosses only spawn in instance 1.
  21. twostars

    Change the behavior of /town

    Sure, I understand that completely. But /town'ing out of an existing encounter is something that's also possible right now, so long as you have the HP for it and it's not on CD. And that is certainly not okay (and where my post was directed towards). Edit: You mean "delay" in the CD sense, right? Not in a cast time sense? If not, nevermind me then. :-) Edit 2: Ah, you mean the town icon itself has the delay, which is great -- but using /town in chat & via the command list (H) is still immediate.
  22. twostars

    Change the behavior of /town

    The problem with that logic is it's a PVP zone; if you want to avoid being killed, you shouldn't be there. /town is such a cheap escape tool it's unreal. Don't get me wrong, there is a balance to be had in figuring out when you should and shouldn't be allowed -- that's the main reason this idea hasn't been realised yet. But I think that there's definitely a middle-ground here somewhere, once the specifics are worked out, and as such the entire idea shouldn't just be discounted.
  23. twostars

    Change the behavior of /town

    This is something I've always considered doing, actually. Main thing with this was just implementing support for an in-combat state (i.e. determining what that would actually mean to be 'in combat'), but 3 or 10s after being attacked works.
  24. twostars

    SoulSlayer swears to me

    Regardless, there's a simple solution -- just block them yourself ingame. Then you won't see anything from them anymore. Closing this thread.
  25. twostars

    Add National Points to Chaos Event Kills

    The problem with this it doesn't make sense logically. They make more sense in Border Defense War & Juraid Mountain, purely because these events are actually against the other nation. However, with the Chaos Dungeon you're (potentially) killing people of the same nation. Getting National Points from killing people from your own nation is just... odd. At least, that's how I personally see it anyway.