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    Mysterious Old man

    Assuming you're talking about the disassembly feature, it only works for weapons & armour. Interestingly the error response isn't doing much of anything anymore, but that's probably why you're having issues. What are you using it on exactly?
  2. twostars

    Suggestion: /roll

    Random bump, but maybe. In WoW it actually works like: /roll [[min-]max] e.g. /roll 500-1000 or /roll 1000 (1-1000) Default /roll (with no args) is just 1-100. I'd prefer it to preserve context, i.e. if you used the command in clan chat it'd only be sent to clan members, etc. This rules out making it a "/" command. "!roll" would be nice, but "!" is also used for shouting, so that doesn't work either. So it'd probably just have to act like a GM command (+roll). That can easily work. The command would then just be something like: +roll [[min] max] Since context is preserved, it can be sent to the relevant players (party/clan/alliance/general chat/etc). Seems trivial enough.
  3. twostars

    Patch notes (12/05/2017)

    Changelog Fixed "cast failed" issues with Chaos Dungeon; server is now using the correct model for players. Performance improvements for quest NPCs; they should be faster to respond (may or may not be noticeable with lag, but the server notices ). Fixed a bug causing bound items to be unbound on server restart. Note: after maintenance they will be unbound, however it won't happen again for future restarts. Improved distance checks for melee skills on moving NPCs. Added dice roll command: +roll [[min] max] Will output something like: "<player> rolled 5 (1-100)." Can be used in 3 ways: +roll (1 - 100) +roll 1000: (1 - 1000) +roll 500 1000: (500 - 1000) Roll will be visible to the same context. e.g. #+roll will show to your party. +roll can no longer be used in general chat/shouting. Mutes now apply to commands. Fixed Felankor's spawn notice.
  4. twostars

    about pus item refund

    There we go, you should have the KC now. Sorry about that.
  5. twostars

    about pus item refund

    If you don't want me to disconnect you, please put it back into your inventory so I can exchange them. Thanks
  6. twostars

    IP ban russia?

    This should be considerably less of an issue now.
  7. twostars

    IP ban russia?

    It's something I'll deal with properly as soon as I get a chance. Just been wrapped up with server issues.
  8. twostars


    This was already dealt with via PM. Closed.
  9. twostars

    Patch notes (09/05/2017)

    Changelog Made some adjustments to luring restriction logic. This stops Felankor/Ultima from being lured. Fixed bug causing additive National Point buffs to still cause Ladder Point gain where Ladder Points aren't normally earned (e.g. Ronark Land Base). Clan Nation Transfers will now fail if you have a side-character in a clan other than the one being transferred. You will need to login to these characters and remove them from their clans before you'll be allowed to transfer. Clan roles (assist, leader, etc.) are now dynamically set from clan data, not separate player data to ensure consistent behaviour. This should fix clans that remained bugged from previously fixed issues, and reduce the potential for bugs here in the future. It also means that on the off-chance there are any other bugs, they should become much more evident and easier to track down. Additionally, we've also added some functionality to debug and manipulate clans live, which should avoid the need to restart in order to fix broken clans (if the need arises in the future). War commanders have also been cleaned up: Commanders will now only persist during the war they were assigned. Previously, if you logged out during a war as a commander & logged back in during a future war, you stayed commander (regardless of whether you should have it or not). The player's clan role is no longer affected, which means that the clan list still shows your actual clan role ("Leader") correctly, and all role checks continue to behave correctly. This also fixes an issue with transferring clan leadership while a commander. Previously, afterwards when your commander state was removed, the player-side clan role would wrongfully be set back to leader, instead of whatever your role should have been (i.e. assistant, member). At war time, in addition to the scrolling announcements at the top of the screen, we now send notices in your chat box when commanders have been assigned. Fixed any potential inconsistencies with cast time calculations when the player switches between models (e.g. monster transformation -> war commander). This caused skills to silently fail. With Lunar Wars on Saturday, we've readjusted its event schedule to match Wednesday's. See updated schedule here. Fixed an issue with redundant region updates which caused issues with respawning mobs (only visually; leaving the area and returning showed them correctly). Muted players can no longer send letters. Players with connections that change IP address every new connection (or poorly configured VPNs) are now able to connect to our server. Patch 2.110 fixes a potential client crash when manually dragging [Unbind Items] to the unbind window (right-clicking always worked fine).
  10. twostars

    Patch notes (07/05/2017)

    Changelog Kurian "Pull", "Dash"; Mage "Blink" skills no longer reset the "Finding the Spies" quest. Buying merchants: Implemented proper error responses for buying merchants. The buyer is no longer allowed to list items if they don't have enough coins to afford their wanted list. The seller is no longer allowed to sell items to the buying merchant if they will exceed coin cap (note: it'll say "Not enough funds" because there's no better error for this currently) Players can no longer become overweight when using buying merchants. Fixed a bug with assistants not fully being removed from the clan when leaving the clan. This made the server act as if there were still assistants, so new assistants couldn't be promoted. Fixed a bug with monster respawns causing them to be in the wrong place upon initial respawn. This made them appear to speedhack to their spawn point. This may also fix the issue with monsters disappearing when getting close, but we were unable to reproduce this behaviour so it's difficult to say for sure. Felankor / Ultima lured out of its reset range will now run back to its spawn point much faster. Temporarily re-scheduled Saturday's Juraid for 6:40 PM from 5:40 PM (to push it after invasion, instead of during). Temporarily re-scheduled Saturday's BDW for 7:00 PM from 5:00 PM (to push it after invasion, instead of during). Temporarily re-scheduled Saturday's Forgotten Temple for 8:00 PM from 7:00 PM. Fixed a crash with commander assignments.
  11. twostars

    Common problems & solutions

    Client doesn't start when I press "Start" on the launcher Make sure you allow the client in your antivirus and reinstall. You can also try right-clicking on the launcher and "running as Administrator". Client says "Unexpected error" when starting As with the above error, your antivirus has probably deleted required client files. Allow the client in your antivirus (Windows Defender can block these too!) and reinstall. Can't login to the game: "Your e-mail address needs to be verified" error Please check your e-mail address for an e-mail from us. Click the link contained in this e-mail and in up to 1 minute you should be able to log into the game. If you don't see any e-mails, first be sure to check your junk/spam box. Failing that, you can log into our website and resend the e-mail. Can't login to the game: "Account currently in use" error When you hit "OK", it should already disconnect you and log you in. If it for some reason gets stuck (this, however, should be fixed), you can disconnect your account via the "unbug me" option on our website. Please note that this option only shows when you're logged into the game. Didn't get my Newcomer's Package? Make sure you free up 6 slots in your inventory and then relog. You will receive your Newcomer's Package. Why can't I store the Cospre items / Name Change Scroll I get from my Newcomer's Package? There's no need to -- you can obtain a Newcomer's Package on each of your characters by simply logging into them! Each will get their own individual package usable by only them. Can't use my Monster Stone: "Currently participating another instanced dungeon" error You will need to restart Knight Online for this. (this issue should now be fixed) Thanks for your patience. Can't trade bound items? (e.g. Krowaz, Draki's) You need to unbind them first. Note: repurchasing them is NOT unbinding them. To unbind them: 1. Talk to an Inn Hostess. 2. Click the "Bind Item / Unbind Item" button. 3. Put your bound item in the slot. 4. It will tell you how many [unbind Items] you need. You can buy these from Sundries or the Power-Up Store. 5. Once you have enough, put these in as well, and you can then unbind your item.
  12. twostars

    Common problems & solutions

    Added a couple of new problems.
  13. twostars

    Patch notes (05/05/2017)

    Changelog Fixed a visual bug when previewing accessory compounding / regular upgrades: affected items are no longer visually removed from your inventory. AI: Tweaked NPC hostility logic, so now only Guards or player pets (mage summons included) can attack other NPCs/monsters (and only specifically monsters or other guards). Improved server-side cheat detection. Fixed items not transferring their 'not bound' state when trading/merchanting/receiving via letters. This caused players who purchased these items to be unable to equip them without relogging. Juraid Mountain: Credit for killing Deva Bird will now go to the player who got the killing blow, rather than who dealt the most damage. Skillbar now gets reset when Nation or Class Transferring. This prevents the skillbar from not saving correctly afterwards. Lunar War will now also be run on Saturday at 4:00 PM & 11:00 PM server time. Lunar Wars will now alternate their war zone each week. For example: first week we'll run Alseid's Prairie on Wednesday and Nereid's Island (boat war) on Saturday, second week we'll be running Nereid's Island (boat war) on Wednesday and Alseid's Prairie on Saturday, etc. As the Lunar War has now taken its place, we've removed Sunday's Ronark Land boss event & pushed back Saturday's Ronark Land Base boss event to Sunday instead. Fixed a bug causing OTP users to be unable to login. Patch 2.108 should fix antiviruses wrongfully detecting it as malicious (and hence the "Unexpected error" when starting the client). Patch 2.109 fixes UI positions not being saved correctly.
  14. twostars

    Your Account Is blocked

    Banned for bug abuse.
  15. twostars

    Patch notes (30/04/2017)

    Changelog Added custom reset range behaviour for monsters, to prevent players from luring Felankor/Ultima. Some tweaks to vendoring stackable items. AI: When a player runs too far from a monster that's chasing them, it will now switch targets to the closest available target with the highest threat, instead of running back to its spawn point. Fixed mana cost for the Frenzy/Outrage buffs. This now matches official. Fixed bug causing sealed items to become bound on relog. When removing the extra chance items (e.g. Dragon's Scale) for crafting, it will now remove the one selected for crafting. Previously the server would remove the first one it came across, but the one placed in would also just be visually removed.
  16. twostars

    draki's pendant problem

    For anyone coming across this thread now, this bug was fixed so you cannot bug bound items in order to trade them (which is what happened here, and also what the proposed solution was). In order to trade bound items you must first unbind them via "Bind item / Unbind item" option at an Inn Hostess. For that you'll need [unbind Items] which you can buy from Sundries or the Power-Up Store.
  17. twostars

    gab adamant

    This doesn't appear to be the case (anymore).
  18. twostars

    Sexy Santa TS

    Fixed in the next patch.
  19. twostars

    Patch notes (28/04/2017)

    Changelog Tweaked kickout logic to work more seamlessly. It should now effectively do what the website does, to save some trouble. "Unbug me from the game" option on the website now simply disconnects the account. Resetting your VIP storage & seal passwords via the website will now update your account ingame, and much quicker at that. This means you no longer need to relog when resetting your passwords. Poison gas DoT in the Bifrost maze is now removed correctly when the player leaves the maze. Previously, it would keep ticking until it either killed you or you managed to leave the Bifrost zone. Fixed a bug causing war commanders to not be loaded correctly. Fully mimicked client logic for cast times per model (we were close, but not quite there). This fixes things like casts failing while using the Sexy Santa transformation. [Hotfixed live] Stealth from [unidentified Potion] now correctly lasts 60s (was 80s).
  20. twostars

    Website Suggestion

    I assume you're just talking about the items they have equipped?
  21. twostars


    Give me a heads up via PM in advance if you can to be sure.
  22. twostars

    List of bugs 2017

    Not here, it's consistent here. But then I'm experiencing the same as Aziz above -- are you seeing the same?
  23. twostars


    Is this something you can consistently reproduce, then? If so, I might ask you to reproduce it live while I'm debugging you. It's also highly likely that it was fixed as a result of the changes I made earlier, as that issue -- although made obvious by the last patch -- has been causing trouble for a very long time.
  24. twostars

    Assassin Skills Fail

    Closing as non-issue (also skill timings were tidied up since, so any stray skill fail should be improved).
  25. twostars

    stealth fail

    Is this still an issue?