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    Friend cannot access Apexko from home IP

    Try now.
  2. twostars

    Kurian class bugged

    A character name & a rough estimate of when this happened would be appreciated
  3. twostars

    Friend cannot access Apexko from home IP

    Give it a try now. Our IP databases were updated and the IP I'm seeing for you is now mapped correctly.
  4. twostars

    Delos Bug

    The King being in the group when you win isn't something that's ever been handled (I need to check official to see how they handle that; I don't recall it being handled there). It's when they're added at some point after you already own it.
  5. twostars

    Patch notes (13/07/2018)

    Değişiklikler NPC'lerin ve canavarların neden olduğu bazı alanlarda gerçekte olduğundan çok daha yüksekte algılanmalarından dolayı oluşan beceri başarısızlıkları ile ilgili bir hata düzeltildi. Işınlanmaları daha iyi işlemek için oyuncu konumu interpolasyonu geliştirildi. Bundan önce, ışınlanmaların beceri vuruşları ile çok yakın bir zamanda gerçekleştiğinde bazı becerilerin başarısızlığa uğramasına neden olurdu. NPC ve canavar konum interpolasyonu şimdi oyuncu konum interpolasyonu ile aynı şekilde çalışıyor, böylece canavarın herhangi bir zamanda nerede olduğunu belirlemek istediğimizde artık çok daha doğru sonuçlar almamıza olanak sağlar. Bu da hareket içinde olan canavarlar ve NPC'ler üzerine uygulanan bazı beceri ve saldırıların başarısız olmasını hafifletmeli. R saldırıları üzerinde yeniden çalışmalar yapıldı ve ince bir şekilde ayarlandı. Beceriler için önceki yamada olduğu gibi, bu da işleri sıkılaştırıyor, böylelikle R saldırıları için geniş bir menzile izin vermiyoruz(gecikme ve benzeri için bir dengeleme). Bu yaklaşımın daha iyi olmasının sebebi denklemdeki gecikmeyi çıkarır ve menzil artık çok daha dar olduğundan herhangi bir kötüye kullanma ihtimalini ortadan kaldırır. Seçim dönemi bittikten sonra, seçim dönemi hatırlatmalarının görünmeye devam etmeleri ile ilgili bir hata düzeltildi.
  6. twostars

    Patch notes (13/07/2018)

    Changelog Fixed some skill failures caused by NPCs/monsters in some areas being detected as being much higher up than they actually are. Improved player position interpolation to better handle teleports. This was causing some skills to fail when teleports occurred very close in time to skill hits. NPC/monster position interpolation now behaves identically to player position interpolation, so identifying where a monster was at any given point in time should now yield much more accurate results. This should alleviate some skill/attack fails for monsters/NPCs that were in the process of moving. Reworked & fine tuned R attacks. Like our prior patch for skills, this tightens things up so we aren't allowing a generous range for R attacks (compensating for lag and such). This approach is better because it takes lag out of the equation and since the range is now much tighter, removing any real possibility of abuse. Fixed a bug with election reminders persisting after the election period has finished.
  7. twostars

    Patch notes (04/07/2018)

    Changelog [Hotfix] Fixed a bug causing you to be unable to use certain skills on NPCs/monsters from outside of their circle. Fixed a bug with skill casts on/to Kurians. mgame apparently scales Kurians differently to everyone else, so distance checks failed because the server considered them being smaller than they really were. Fully synced skill range check validation logic with the client. This fixes some issues such as Chaos Dungeon skills not allowing for larger (hardcoded) model sizes, and Kurian's "Rush" skill enforcing the minimum 5m distance requirement. This also clarifies when exactly the additional skill range (from buffs) is applied (on weapon range checks for melee-based skills). Refine the distance technically allowed for mage's "Blink" skill. This should not have any impact on legitimate players. Those attempting to cheat could previously gain a couple extra meters by doing so, but this is no longer the case. Rework Kurian's "Dash" skill. As with official, this takes the player directly to the target instead of a few meters before them. This is also now more accurate, so it should always take you to where you see them. Fix a bug that potentially caused more casts to be interrupted. It was previously possible, in some cases, for the server to register specific movement updates (when not actually moving) as interrupting your casts. This now only interrupts casts when movement actually occurs. Note that this should only have ever occurred in very rare cases. Reworked player interpolation logic to allow us to predict player positions at a specified time more accurately. This tightens up various skill logic that relies on this data being accurate. Fixed a bug with Eskrima & Blow Arrow enforcing the equipped bow's range instead of melee range. The client enforces the bow's range unfortunately, so we're forced to deviate from client behaviour to enforce this. Sadly, this means it will show "skill failed" (what we're hoping to avoid) instead of "too far" when it's out of range. Implemented more thorough validation for some of the new skill behaviour introduced from the previous patch onwards. [Hotfix] Fixed some data discrepancies causing some skills to immediately fail upon cast. [Update] Reworked NPC/monster interpolation logic. This should reduce skill failures on NPCs/monsters. [Update] Fixed a bug causing skills used on players that weren't zoned in near the caster to fail (e.g. teleports).
  8. twostars

    Patch notes (06/07/2018)

    Changelog Fixed a bug with resurrection skills failing in specific situations. Fixed Chaos Dungeon's melee skills (e.g. Ice Counter, Spirit Sword) failing due to incorrect weapon ranges. R attacks no longer apply damage to frozen/cubed targets. Tweaked weapon delay checks (for R attacks) to no longer fail excessively. Still have more work to do with reworking R attacks in general, but for now it's a start. Alleviated problems with Stealth and Lupine Eyes
  9. twostars

    R damage missed

    Should be mostly fixed. We're aware of behaviour and will be continuing to refine it.
  10. twostars

    R damage missed

    Not sure why it's doing so yet, but R attacks seem to be registering consecutively between their regular delay which seems to be upsetting things.
  11. twostars

    Chaos Dungeon skills failing

    This is fixed pending the next restart.
  12. twostars

    Chaos Dungeon skills failing

    This is specifically only melee skills failing, and the reason it's doing so is because it's not taking into account the weapon the client is using.
  13. twostars

    R damage missed

    I didn't think R attacks were touched, but I'll look into it. I specifically ignored them and their still-generous range since I still need to do some stuff with them before I can better validate them.
  14. twostars

    rez not working

    Seems the client is weird with some resurrections. We've fixed it pending the next restart. Few things I want to get done for this still, but hopefully wrap those up later today. In the meantime please make sure to keep reporting issues such as this so we can fit as many fixes into the restart as possible.
  15. twostars

    Stealth and Lupine skills failing

    Moved into its own thread since it's not got anything to do with resurrection skills.
  16. twostars

    rez not working

    Character name? Edit: Were they in range of you when they died? Did you see them die visually or were you far away at the time?
  17. twostars


    Just FYI, I specifically say that only when it's actually implemented pending the next patch's release.
  18. twostars

    Cube skill not fixed

    Which AoE?
  19. twostars


    This is fixed for the next restart. Thanks.
  20. twostars

    Cheung and combustion NPTin

    They were banned.
  21. twostars


    It's actually exactly the same; since it's not targeted, the server's deciding who's in it, and it sees the people getting stunned inside it (and not others who may or may not actually be in it on your screen). Either way it boils down to the server seeing people in places differently to where you see them at the time the nova hits. We don't intend to change this.
  22. twostars


    I was referring to anything that occurred with this patch, so I'll take that as a no. Edit: Refreshed my memory with the bugs you're referring to. You pretty much just said: 1. Casting speed issues. This applies to anything with a cast time, so it's not just Chaos Dungeon related. I'm hopeful this will be fixed when we update to the current USKO version, which we're in the middle of as well (though we want to fix these other issues before we push that). 2. Novas don't apply to everyone in them This is because the server may or may not detect they're actually in them at the time, which is something I'm actually improving as we speak for other things, but I don't expect this to ever perfectly represent what you see in the client. This sort've detection is kind've hit or miss with latency etc but existing logic for this really isn't in the best state either, so we should see an improvement even if it's not a perfect fix like we're focusing on for a lot of these other issues.
  23. twostars


    This is specifically referring to targeted skills. Is there something up with novas?
  24. twostars


    Haven't found anything specific to poison skills, however we did find the Kurian model isn't scaled correctly. For some reason mgame rescale Kurians slightly (instead of just making that the base model size, as with other player models???). This too will be fixed on the next restart. Odd, but perhaps that's the problem you're experiencing. If you can give me the name of your character that was erroring (also one of the skills that you recall specifically failing) I can look into that more.
  25. twostars


    Failing range checks on NPCs/monsters outside of the circle should now be fixed on live.