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  1. twostars

    Delos Bug

    The King being in the group when you win isn't something that's ever been handled (I need to check official to see how they handle that; I don't recall it being handled there). It's when they're added at some point after you already own it.
  2. twostars

    Patch notes (13/07/2018)

    Değişiklikler NPC'lerin ve canavarların neden olduğu bazı alanlarda gerçekte olduğundan çok daha yüksekte algılanmalarından dolayı oluşan beceri başarısızlıkları ile ilgili bir hata düzeltildi. Işınlanmaları daha iyi işlemek için oyuncu konumu interpolasyonu geliştirildi. Bundan önce, ışınlanmaların beceri vuruşları ile çok yakın bir zamanda gerçekleştiğinde bazı becerilerin başarısızlığa uğramasına neden olurdu. NPC ve canavar konum interpolasyonu şimdi oyuncu konum interpolasyonu ile aynı şekilde çalışıyor, böylece canavarın herhangi bir zamanda nerede olduğunu belirlemek istediğimizde artık çok daha doğru sonuçlar almamıza olanak sağlar. Bu da hareket içinde olan canavarlar ve NPC'ler üzerine uygulanan bazı beceri ve saldırıların başarısız olmasını hafifletmeli. R saldırıları üzerinde yeniden çalışmalar yapıldı ve ince bir şekilde ayarlandı. Beceriler için önceki yamada olduğu gibi, bu da işleri sıkılaştırıyor, böylelikle R saldırıları için geniş bir menzile izin vermiyoruz(gecikme ve benzeri için bir dengeleme). Bu yaklaşımın daha iyi olmasının sebebi denklemdeki gecikmeyi çıkarır ve menzil artık çok daha dar olduğundan herhangi bir kötüye kullanma ihtimalini ortadan kaldırır. Seçim dönemi bittikten sonra, seçim dönemi hatırlatmalarının görünmeye devam etmeleri ile ilgili bir hata düzeltildi.
  3. twostars

    Patch notes (13/07/2018)

    Changelog Fixed some skill failures caused by NPCs/monsters in some areas being detected as being much higher up than they actually are. Improved player position interpolation to better handle teleports. This was causing some skills to fail when teleports occurred very close in time to skill hits. NPC/monster position interpolation now behaves identically to player position interpolation, so identifying where a monster was at any given point in time should now yield much more accurate results. This should alleviate some skill/attack fails for monsters/NPCs that were in the process of moving. Reworked & fine tuned R attacks. Like our prior patch for skills, this tightens things up so we aren't allowing a generous range for R attacks (compensating for lag and such). This approach is better because it takes lag out of the equation and since the range is now much tighter, removing any real possibility of abuse. Fixed a bug with election reminders persisting after the election period has finished.
  4. twostars

    For Fair King Selection

    Here's my problem. If I explain how we actually consider players unique, then people have a general idea of where to start working around it. And if I don't (which I'm not), apparently you guys assume we're not really doing so at all, which is completely false. So to put it bluntly, we use a set of criteria to consider them unique -- not just their IP address. Filtering by IP address is silly when most people are assigned a dynamic IP address by their ISP anyway, most people don't even need a VPN for that. Reset router, bam. New IP address. I'm not completely stupid. I've personally gone over all the unique votes manually and verified that they are indeed unique (with the exception of like 3 people max -- being generous! -- per candidate). Not a whole lot more I can say about that one. As I previously stated, we may impose further restrictions for voting in the future to help alleviate concerns, but again. In this case, I've looked over the votes and I really can't fault them... the only problem I found was that there's so few people actually voting on orc side compared to human side. Closing this thread as there's nowhere else for this to go.
  5. twostars

    For Fair King Selection

    If you actually think this isn't one of the criteria I checked over when filtering unique votes, I don't know what to tell you...
  6. twostars

    For Fair King Selection

    Actually, yes. 270 unique votes doesn't mean they're all on at the same time; there's a reason you're given such a long period of time to vote. So that everyone from every timezone can make their vote.
  7. twostars

    For Fair King Selection

    So you're all making the assumption that the duplicate votes actually counted. They don't. There was a ton of them (*cough* Manchester *cough*), but when the votes are tallied up they're filtered out, so they're not counted. While this may not be perfect, I've looked over GAREZ's (unique) votes and honestly, when filtered they're all roughly the same; there were very little unique votes on orc side, so it was pretty much fair game for anyone to take King. So here's this month's election tallies for orc side: Candidate Unfiltered votes Unique (filtered) votes GAREZ 50 36 deahtwacmen 50 26 HebertRichards 28 23 DraKOOOOOOOOO 26 21 Artemisa 19 16 And human side: Candidate Unfiltered votes Unique (filtered) votes MERET 82 63 Manchester 211 50 lRoCkStaR 115 24 MysticAngel 25 18 We may change this in future to further restrict new characters but in terms of identifying unique votes, after having gone over them myself manually, they seem OK. With the exception of at most, 3 per candidate which doesn't really change the end result here.
  8. twostars

    Patch notes (06/07/2018)

    Changelog Fixed a bug with resurrection skills failing in specific situations. Fixed Chaos Dungeon's melee skills (e.g. Ice Counter, Spirit Sword) failing due to incorrect weapon ranges. R attacks no longer apply damage to frozen/cubed targets. Tweaked weapon delay checks (for R attacks) to no longer fail excessively. Still have more work to do with reworking R attacks in general, but for now it's a start. Alleviated problems with Stealth and Lupine Eyes
  9. twostars

    R damage missed

    Should be mostly fixed. We're aware of behaviour and will be continuing to refine it.
  10. To save us from having to waste our time dealing with pointless threads like this.
  11. twostars

    R damage missed

    Not sure why it's doing so yet, but R attacks seem to be registering consecutively between their regular delay which seems to be upsetting things.
  12. twostars

    Chaos Dungeon skills failing

    This is fixed pending the next restart.
  13. twostars

    Chaos Dungeon skills failing

    This is specifically only melee skills failing, and the reason it's doing so is because it's not taking into account the weapon the client is using.
  14. twostars

    R damage missed

    I didn't think R attacks were touched, but I'll look into it. I specifically ignored them and their still-generous range since I still need to do some stuff with them before I can better validate them.
  15. twostars

    rez not working

    Seems the client is weird with some resurrections. We've fixed it pending the next restart. Few things I want to get done for this still, but hopefully wrap those up later today. In the meantime please make sure to keep reporting issues such as this so we can fit as many fixes into the restart as possible.