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  1. twostars

    Power over player at war

    It'll be completely disabled in the next patch.
  2. twostars


    There's already a topic on this.
  3. twostars

    Accidently deleted Oread

    You can buy it back from Kaishan in Moradon. He's the one to go to if you ever delete something you shouldn't.
  4. twostars

    Client or server probs :S

    Traceroute from the server to you went miserably, likewise from myself locally to you (also from Australia). From me to the server is fine (and vice versa). Might be something to do with this: http://systemstatus.dodo.com.au/ Customer Configuration System Unplanned 10/05/201816:51 AEST n/a ALL STATES (NATIONWIDE) DEGRADED
  5. twostars

    Changing email / seal pass (again)

  6. twostars

    this would be cool i love pubg lol

    Ah it's finally on USKO. The fact that the safe area will always end in the middle (unlike regular battle royales where it's going to be random) seems kind've boring to me, but meh.
  7. twostars

    Monthly rewards already expired lmao

    It's the 4th server time. The day ticked over almost 3 hours ago. Edit: They expire 72 hours after the month regardless of when they're activated.
  8. twostars

    Monthly rewards already expired lmao

    They last 72 hours, so they expire on the 4th.
  9. twostars

    bad buy ordeas help me plz

    Okay... you're talking about Dryad's vouchers. I've refunded all 4 of them.
  10. twostars

    bad buy ordeas help me plz

    Are you sure you mean Oreads vouchers? I don't see any on your account. You last purchased and used one back in early 2017. Maybe you're talking about Seal Exchange vouchers?
  11. twostars

    Under The Castle

    Yes they do, actually.
  12. twostars

    Under The Castle

    I assumed you were referring to more than that because of your wording and its similarity with what I said in my post ("Then you can think like how is it working really in usko?"). I'm sorry I don't understand your broken english.
  13. twostars

    Under The Castle

    No idea what you mean by that because if you look at the relevant boss in the video you linked (at about 15 minutes in), you can see that it proves my point: only ranged can hit it. Aside from that, like I said, the "regen" issue is a thing we're aware of. We just don't know what it is yet.
  14. twostars

    Under The Castle

    That boss is designed to work like that. It works exactly the same on USKO. I understand that there may be an issue with this behaviour and how loot works now, but it's something we're looking at separately. Boss behaviour is completely intentional. The trash gives useful crafting materials... This one I'm not sure about. It's acted fine/expected when we've tested it and monitored these events live... I'm pretty sure this has only ever been reported on the occasions we haven't monitored the event. Something we're looking into. Other than that I can't really say more.
  15. twostars

    bad buy ordeas help me plz

    Also: character name?