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  1. 100 Felankor achievement doesn't work

  2. Daily DC prem and actual DC prem users

    Nope. This is intentional behaviour now. We didn't want it stacked. We wanted it to be used as intended (useful extra time), not hoarded and stacked. So we went with this approach. Edit: Unless you're saying it's not giving you an extra hour? It should be adding it to what you have.
  3. Spirit of Logos?

    It's because our monument models are outdated or something, I don't know. As for the options, it's because we don't use the same options. Official's don't make sense here.
  4. 100 Felankor achievement doesn't work

    What is the name of this achievement?
  5. UTC achievements

    Fixed the "kill without dying" achieves, so they're correctly enforced in their applicable zones (which was really only the case for the UTC achieves, the others applied to all zones). Will be applied on next restart. Looking into why the UTC achieves aren't triggering now.
  6. UTC: Scrolls deleted on entry & exit

    Is this something anyone else has experienced whatsoever?
  7. UTC achievements

    Which ones are failing?
  8. EXP

    This is an invalid report. It gives less XP when you're rebirthed, which is intended and official behaviour. The Karus character that it was compared with was evidently not rebirthed.
  9. Unique Upgrades to +2

    Yay upgrade rate paranoia! Nothing is ever changed when these are reported. It's RNG. Closed.
  10. Many Topics & UTC

    Closing as neither are actually issues.
  11. A few bugs/issues

    These were fixed.
  12. Xp Quest Ronarkland

    This is because you're rebirthed. This is not a bug. All quests give less XP than stated when you're rebirthed. That's just official behaviour, unfortunately.
  13. List of bugs 2017

    I think this list has mostly been sifted through. Aside from like, 1 thing, it's pretty much just client issues we can't do a whole lot about (or stuff that really doesn't matter) left. I'll close this thread.
  14. Gaba adamant bug (fix before close)

    This behaviour was fixed a while back.
  15. Wtf is this pus shit

    We changed things over a while back so this shouldn't have been a problem in a very long time.