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    WHAT IS THIS ??????

    People have shared before you were not interested again in detail I do not remember a person banned from the TBL so much player koxper ApexKO on the server I wish it would be better if you had your game knowledge as much as the UsKO gm and the authorities
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    Maybe, ban chris on forums again please.
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    SELLING : + WARRIOR KROWAZ SET +8 + UNDEF BAAL +11 + ROGUE KROWAZ BOOT +11 + DUAL ROC +3 + DUAL PE +3 + DRAKI STR SSA BUYING PRIEST ITEMS : PM JoeglacheL - IronHarpoon - SH3VA Please. ( Letter or from forum )
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    This went too far. Topic closed and infractions given. We can't do much on what goes on in private messages and direct flaming specific against a person, but generally name calling, flaming and bashing a whole nation and religion on "all chat" will lead to a mute so actions will be taken by the staff.
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    JewishAngel(Elior),JewishAnqel(Eden),Xaldin,OoooMetaloooO,Kakarrot. Love you guys <3 Songs: 1: Artistic Raw Feat. Ida - In The Middle (Radio Edit) (Official Music Video Teaser) (HD) (HQ) 2: Mi Gna - Super Sako & Avi Panel ft. Zehava Cohen | COBRA Remix
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    hey SneakyKiller if u use brain u can to make video on pk <3
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    WHAT IS THIS ??????

    he has do stream too maybe you can pm/letter him link in game as far as i know that just general lag like if you run with your friend same site but in his screen you're behind him you can test with friend and youtube have a lot of video about this because i am the one who had been through so i know it have a good day
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    I Challenge You.

    lmao forums still more active then cz .. even bifrost more active then moradon and folk village .
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    nice video been a while since someone published something good
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    Finally some good pk video! Thanks
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    Need close biffrost it destroys Colony Zone pk! Also when those farmers make it +11 people won't do damage on eachother anymore! So it have 2 big negative points delete this armor and close this stupid biffrost already and add UTC!
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    very iýi chris gg ^^
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    Xaldin pk

    U shitted on that rouge very gg
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    Xaldin pk

    Riote/Atross PK
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    Maybe 20000kc...30000kc is much.. He is very afraid..
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    WHAT IS THIS ??????

    Chinese VIP package? LOL. Oh man, I teared up laughing at that. haha.
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    Where is the bookie for this? can we place bets? and whats the over/under and the line for this matchup?
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    Real name. Come watch in-game see what happens on thursday/friday.
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    Easy Player -> OGUZZZzZZzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz Sleepy time.
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    not to forget, in this video Slap priest is 83/0 without achievement
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    I'm all for friendly banter, but this is taking it way too far. Invading people's privacy and abusing their family members is so far over the line that I never thought this would be something I'd ever have to deal with in a private server environment. Enjoy your ban. Hopefully by the time it eventually expires you'll have had some personal reflection and, hopefully, will consider - at the very least - apologising to them. Really. It's just a game, guys. Chill the hell out.
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    with 255 int and full str priest are so tank here :s but 0 dmg why?
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    Now that your English got better, you're leaving us? We have so much to discuss about!
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    WHAT IS THIS ??????

    He said he was going to descent to kill you. but you died before he could descent. they already explain that the chinese look far away on your screen but in reality. they are close. it's ping. if you are closer to the server you experience less lag also they are spamming acid pots. which you can do also. gm said a long time ago that the acid pot bug was fixed. but it's definitely not fixed
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    I could understand if its undefeatable but not chaos. XD
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    meh, chaos curse then... such a roller coaster of emotions why one would do any kind of versus with cursed weapons is beyond me though
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    I agree with you And here you see who died without chaos curse #HANGOVER on CRYMOREFORHONOR
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    TY 15.000KC EASY MONEY http://forum.apexko.com/topic/5615-edenhangover-vs-elioryougotpwndbymyassjewishdariuskairi-reward-15k-kc/