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    YoYoPizzaRapper(Chris) & YoYoPussyRapper(Elior) 2VS2 IJenna & Elos. End Result 5-1. Reward: 10.000KC. IJenna paid me 9000KC worth in items as you can see in the video. And he don't want to give us 1000KC because we logged on YoYoPizzaRapper&YoYoPussyRapper they dont understand that Gahi/Pizza is my oldtime friend and PussyRapper my #1 Taiwan friend<3. So TheGangAgency are calling me a scammer because i logged on YoYoPizzaRapper instead of Gahi himself but funny thing is XanthisLatex played on IJenna so it's not only the CN clan that used their friends for play for them but also them so how am i scammer?? And this isn't even a good reason to call someone a scammer you that didn’t pay 1000KC @IJenna and try not to that’s scamming maybe next time tell eachother the real owners stay on their accounts? Hello.!! But you guys didn’t so Nerde 1000KC!! Anyways 9000KC got paid but we still need to get 1000KC more which they don't want to give as u can see here: IJenna angry on me because i log PizzaRapper just reason for not pay 1000KC not nice reason. And even if angry on me was a good reason they still also doing this to my little brother Elior PS: I didn't want to upload this video at all. But IJenna talk to Elior about me that i kufur everyone blabla and he don't want pay 1000KC is reason i continue upload i didn't want to upload against Elos but this IJenna don't leave me another choice.... and tbh im a part of CN clan i like them i think all taiwans and chinese are nice persons even the long range ones. They not here for polemic/drama and u (TheGangAgency) call them out and make racism against them and challenge them for 10.000KC so i said to CN i will login and play for CN. So PizzaRapper didn’t even ask me for it i came up with it myself so those people stop talk them. And free kc is ofcourse always welcome @VERSACEONTHEFLOOR Thanks for ur trust btw😊 And don't forget to seal ur items Edit: IJenna confirms he don't want to pay the last 1000KC while the bet was 10k kc and he only give me 9k kc. Nice scammer IJenna / TheGangAgency Clan Leader not nice: Crying IJenna because i login YoYoPizzaRapper but XanthisLatex login IJenna also not real owner hello??? NICE CRY: Give last 1000KC. And i remove video you did this to urself you say to Elior i'm salak kufur and other bad words and scam Me and Elior 1000KC while u make challenge 10.000KC but only give 9000KC??? I waiting 1000KC Scammer!!!
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    Lag? Disconnections??

    Hey guys, Once again, been a while since our last major status update. Since, we've updated the client, implemented the Castellan dungeon and rewritten the King system. I'm not going to reiterate what I've said there, but the remainder for the most part still needs to be done. More on that in a bit. We're also now trialling our new Turkish GM Eos as we've been lacking a staff member who can support our Turkish playerbase. Please give him a warm welcome. But the lag though~ Firstly though, I want to talk about the lag and disconnections that have started happening recently. This has been an issue for some for a while longer, but was made noticeable when we started being more strict about how much players were allowed to lag before we kick them (otherwise we end up with issues such as players appearing to be cheating because they're lagging behind). This lag has been a recurring issue we've experienced with our provider, HyperFilter. Each time they've gone away and eventually dealt with it (after back and forthing with them trying to stress that it is indeed an issue). It's something we're aware of and we're always dealing with, although it may not seem like it. At this point, we think they're rather overrated and terrible value for money, so we've decided to switch providers. This switch also means upgrading hardware, because it's been 4 years since we started with HyperFilter -- 4 years technology wise is a huge gap. At this point, the newer hardware is cheaper than what we're currently paying for our much older hardware (RIP. We should really consider upgrading more regularly). Additionally, their DDoS mitigation scales much better than HyperFilter's ever did, meaning in future, if need be we have the option at our disposal. Location wise, it will still be hosted in Amsterdam. Regular latency should be much the same; HyperFilter's own latency issues aside, players all over the world in general haven't been too severely impacted by its location (obviously there are exceptions, but in general it's been a great choice). In addition to this, we're excited to try out a beta service our new provider offers which attempts to reduce latency for game services in a manner similar to how services like WTFast work (just from their end). We're very hopeful this will further help players with latency issues, although we have no other real info on this right now (we're still looking into getting it hooked up to give it a try). We've been setting these up all week, and will most likely be fully switching things over on Monday. As there's a lot of data to migrate we'll probably have a 12 hour downtime, though the exact time will still be figured out. Alongside the move, we're looking at addressing some other longstanding issues players have experienced. We'll be dropping CloudFlare. As great as CloudFlare is at caching content, players have consistently had issues connecting to certain nodes causing page timeouts that we can't do anything about. If you've PM'd me about this -- this is why I (probably) haven't responded. Once we drop CloudFlare, these timeouts should disappear and the site should be consistently usable again. Unfortunately this also means screwing with our SSL certificate; we'll have a new one, so browsers may briefly have issues with this change. Fingers crossed for the best though. We've also updated caching. This has caused some odd issues with the website, particularly with identifying recent emails. On a similar note, we're no longer serving our own emails; this is now being offloaded to SendGrid. For those that don't receive their emails or take a while to receive them, this should help out a lot. This change has already been made to the forums, so emails should be working much better here right now. Finally, we've made some general backend updates to the website, and the webserver happens to have a lot more resources to work with now. This speeds things up noticeably. The general functionality & design of the website remains the same. When we switch things over to the new provider, these changes should all be pretty noticeable. Regarding the game itself, we've also decided to update the compiler considerably. This wouldn't normally be worth mentioning if we didn't rely on several language features that have been changed/improved. One specific example is our random number generation. There's been a lot of concerns with this (particularly in regards to it giving recurring results), but it's very hard to find fault in RNG; rate tests have given us reasonably accurate results, so my general response to this is always "RNG is RNG". I also want to trial a different approach for this; this will probably be done before we migrate, just to see if there's any noticeable difference in recurring results. Additionally, in the compiler we were using, it's been reported that it does not know how to optimise 'lambdas' well. As our code relies a lot on lambdas (really, a lot), we should see a lot of our code that's run a lot (e.g. sending data to players in nearby regions) get sped up. Exciting for us, anyway. Fingers crossed for these performance improvements come Monday! That's great and all... but I heard there was going to be a new expansion? And where's my UTC?? Yes. There's a new expansion in the works, and UTC is part of it. It really isn't too far away. Actually, we hoped to release the expansion at the same time as the move, but since I insisted on updating software (and updating/fixing everything that uses it) and generally improving the infrastructure, the migration ate up a lot more time than we anticipated. Whoops. I don't have a date for it, but considering we originally hoped it'd be released this weekend, it shouldn't be too far away. So once that's released, what's next? We still want to continue making progress with our client source project. The plan is to get back to focusing on that after the UTC expansion is sorted, as that is our long-term goal. Additionally, as in the last major status update, we still want to contract a developer/designer for a new website. As-is, the website is clunky and doesn't offer everything we'd like it to. It also doesn't make a great first impression, and unfortunately that's rather important in attracting new players (aesthetics was never our strong suit D:). Until next time!
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    ItzGameMAFIA ban?

    Every IP related to the account "snoxd" displayed in this video is banned for the use of TBL. If "ItzGameMAFIA" got banned alongside "snoxd" it means that they are the same person. Topic locked.
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    Under the Castle expansion

    Dear Knight Online and Apex KO lovers, We are extremely happy to finally announce the release date for our next expansion: Under The Castle. As anyone could’ve guessed by now, we’ll be releasing the expansion Soon™ Kidding aside though, the expansion will be released on the 9th of March 2018, so make sure to be there! With the addition of the Under the Castle event, we’re taking a big step forward in the development of our server as it provides the perfect opportunity for anyone to join Apex KO! It empowers newcomers (and returning players!) by improving theBeginner Gear, new methods of light-farming, new quests, and new items. All of this enables everyone to put up a fair fight and enjoy the server to the fullest! What’s coming with this expansion? 1) The Under the Castle event – it’s completely scripted and works like official, and it’s rewards include Secret Armor, Under the Castle Weapons, and materials to make both – simply participating in the event already gets you rewards, whether you’re solo or in a party! 2) Improved Beginner Gear: enables you to get right in the action! 3) Addition of “Spirit of Logos” in CZ: giving you something extra to hunt; 4) Improved CSW rewards: all that effort needs to be properly rewarded; 5) Monthly rewards for our top 4 ladder rank players: 5 days of Darkness Weapons and Holy Armors; 6) Increased drop rate on Super Shells, and farming of Rosetta Armors; 7) Mage damage increase: matching the official servers; 8) Offline merchants: no need to leave your computers on anymore to hustle Moradon; 9) 5 days of Cospre items (Valkyrie, pathos, etc) as a gift for new accounts; 10) One time opportunity to name change for free (expires in 24 hours); We’d also like to express our appreciation to all our supporters and the countless messages we receive daily asking for a new opportunity to join our server and say that this is your chance! Ever wished to join Apex KO but were scared of being unable to put up a fight as a newcomer? Now is the perfect time to join our great community –the improved beginner gear put’s you right at the gates to start kicking ass, and enables you to participate in everything the server has to offer, right out of the box! Join us on our journey to bring Knight Online players the highest quality, longest lasting, most stable, most secure and, most of all, most trustworthy server! SPREAD THE WORD, GATHER YOUR CLANS, CALL YOUR FRIENDS AND SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT! 9TH OF MARCH, WE’LL SEE YOU THERE!
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    I think you didn't read what I just wrote, which is alright but I'll kindly ask you not to diminish our work by spreading misinformation. We do care about our players opinion and suggestions as you can see below: 1) It was suggested to deal with Bifrost -> dealt with; 2) Nerf Kurians: We checked the pull rates and will follow it asap; 3) About bosses: we've upgraded Felankor's stats last week as per requested and now will increase Ultima's stay in bowl. The above are just small examples that we adressed in this single thread just show that, yes, we do care and always did by doing constant changes and updates to the server. So one more time, do not spread misinformation, that's a disservice to our work.
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    Where video more min? 3-4 ppl watched the arena again easy 3-0 sentinus? Giveme first 2k kc after upload video If you are wondering about the video i can upload it after giving 2k kc first > upload video Also buy 11 wirinom
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    7o7o7 clan range

    It's the chinese VIP package. You might have heard of this before. Bonus range on skills Increased upgrade rate Immunity to bans or mutes 50% enhanced damage against Juraid monsters Meet & greet with admins. They have it easy tbh.
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    Patch notes (23/02/2018)

    Changelog Fixed a bug with clan leader handovers as a result of the rework we did on this system a little while back Fixed up all clans that were affected by the aforementioned bug (whether they were aware or not) Implemented offline merchants, which we're excited to be testing this weekend, and are scheduled to go live with the Under the Castle expansion. More information on how to use this new feature this weekend can be found here Fixed all bugs found with UTC during the last testing round Finished implementation of UTC and surrounding systems (the expansion announcement will be hitting later today) Added Teleport Gate's to Bifrost towns (eventhough the zone is no longer used, if everyone in your party dies there was no way to leave the zone aside from waiting for Bifrost to finish) Fixed an issue with Yeniceri cospre exchanges (certain vouchers couldn't be used) Fixed a bug with merchant messages being considered spam sometimes.
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    ZuKing here. Wanted to invite all active english speaking Karus "Orc" players to come join a great team and family. SlayerNation is now in ApexKO and looking to rise to the top. PM myself or any other member for more info. PKers and Farmers alike come together for one goal. To have a great gaming experience!
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    Welcome GM Eos!

    Greetings Apexians! I'm writing this topic to introduce everyone to our new Game Master, his name is Eos! This is great news because he is fluent in Turkish which means that our turkish community will finally get the support they deserve! As a regular Apex procedure, in the first month he'll be categorized as a Trial GM, meaning that he's still in the "learning" process and being accompanied by us, getting to know the server better and our way to manage issues and how to properly adress our users. Don't be afraid to greet and welcome him to our server! Without further ado, welcome Eos! We're very happy to have you on board!
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    I think its safe to say that over 90% of the population believes that GM Omega is CORRUPT/LAZY. I would like anyone that has any screenshots of this CORRUPT/ LAZY gm to upload it to this forum post. Here is some of the photos i can provide that shows hes corrupt, although i could have screen shotted much more in the past although i didn't. (Hes lucky i don't have some of his team speak recordings). SS #1- Being threatened on his personal character after i killed him in CZ. (This character is no longer active so it is not exposing his real identity.) - https://gyazo.com/082a874c759ac00f5f4d7e425dcf5d9b SS#2- Him telling me he will get my kc back from the person who scammed me for 10k kc, if i stop posting a gyazo of him on forums (SS #1) / help him with his combo. - https://gyazo.com/85e4e803220f54a34584c78f0ae4b4ad SS#3- Continuation of SS #2- In this photo he gave me a "Early Unmute for Good Behavior" as a reward for not posting SS#1 to the forums. I was muted for spamming in moradon by Sierra for 24 hours. I guess being on good behavior for 15 minutes is enough to get unmuted on apexko? - https://gyazo.com/6a114baec396227884018631e553518d Whatever differences we have, leave them out of this topic. This topic is dedicated for everyone uniting together to provide proof to Twostars/ Aesteris that GM Omega is corrupt. This topic was approved by Vivaldi to be posted ( this is not an accusation, but has proof behind it.) - https://gyazo.com/e598c495fc64c869b43f300ae275b744
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    Undefeatable Curse

    Undefeatable - enemy can't be tped and can't do /town Bombastic Giant - makes an enemy bigger (like he used bezoar) and makes him lose 10% def Sweet Kiss - takes off HP buff - works like Reverse Life, so if enemy's scrolled then it suck badly (takes his sc off for 1s and then he gets that 2k HP back :P) Chaos - blocks enemy's skillbar (like Shock Stun, with that difference that you can run) Restricted Diet - enemy can't use HP pots (except for 1080hp pots) Lousy Pickpocket - takes off enemy's weapon (not shield) Fire Rain - aoe attack, no idea how it works... Kaul - turns enemy into Kaul pet (can only run and pot) Aztec Gold - enemy gets curse, that if he get healed, he loses 2k HP instead (works for heals, minor and probably pots) Mean - blinds enemy Adamant - enemy (and NPCs) can't attack you with meele attacks. You can NOT use pots, be debuffed by a single skill (malice, parasite, etc.) and use single buffs and heals Blessing - enemy (and NPCs) can't attack you with magic attacks. You CAN use pots, can't be debuffed by a single skill (malice, parasite, etc.) and use single buffs and heals
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    Hello Everyone, First of all I want to start and welcome all ApexKO players to Feedback & Suggestions about this subject. Any comments that are added to this topic that are not related to my topic will be ignored and are not needed, so please keep out unrelated subjects. As a Commander an old player of KO, since the passion came out mages basically don't have any chance agaisn't meeles that it's facts and everyone know it, no one can deny this, specially when they run with 3 priests. [In USKO they are even Stronger]. As the only mage team right now on ApexKO with full geared and PUS Items we barely can stand agaisn't meeles. And as I said we are fully geared you can check on website: https://apexko.com/clan/17890 Right now Mages Items are pretty cheap and kind of useless no one buy them. I think opening the +8 krowaz +8 cursed +3 Accessorize to gear merchant will bring mage teams back So my first Suggestion will be, to add 'Gear Despencer': Dual LKP+3 & EP+3 & LBOL+3 & Dual FR+3 & Mage Krowaz Set+8 & Curse Items+8. So even me and my team that had to buy those items and had to farm those items we support that. Second Suggestion would be, to add Blue Potion to Sundries for a amount of money like 1 Million since it's just for 10mins. or make it 30mins and then sell it for a reasonable price, again to incrase mage defense. Third suggestion would be, to add an NPC to exchange NPS for KC. Since ppl want a new start and there won't be a new server and they're already millions of NPS on the accounts. Like 100K NPS ~ 100KC, 500K NPS ~ 500KC and 1M NPS ~ 1K KC. + That would add a value to PK more and make the PVP more active. @twostars @Aesteris @Vivaldi Greets, Eden || Melody.
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    Our future client project...

    This is by far our most exciting -- and promising! -- project, and one that I've been spending every possible moment on lately. Why is this project important? Firstly, before I get into anything, I should explain why the client source -- and this project -- is important. It's essentially useful for 2 things: being able to more easily fix things ourselves, and giving us the option to literally do anything. I can't stress this last part enough. With the server, we have some means of creativity; but anything we could implement has to find a way to have this deal with the client in a suitable manner. Having the client source removes this limitation entirely. Our server, our client. We can do whatever we want with it. We need a new UI? We can make one and add it in. Imagine the possibilities. Regarding fixing things, right now we rely on official updates from mgame; our update process revolves around using their code and adding in our patches (each time) to fix their issues (that they haven't yet fixed themselves). Each update we hope that they've actually fixed things that we've yet to fix for them (manually, with assembly, which is a considerably more daunting and time consuming task for us than it is for them with the client source). Changing a single line of code for them, may take us a few hours to do manually via assembly (having to track down where this logic is, etc). And now some history... If you're not aware, there exists a set of leaked (official) source files for ~1.06x (for the server AND client -- as well as their development tools) from way back in 2002~2003. This was before its first released version, and before anything was actually implemented properly, but it's still a tremendously invaluable resource as a lot of things still are handled similarly -- if not the same -- even now in 2.1xx. So way back during server development (~2013) I explored updating the client source. I updated it to support the various new file formats, and had it connecting to our server -- compiled for 1.298 -- since UI behaviour is a lot closer (less of a jump, means easier to get in and mess with things without having to update literally everything to get to that point). I implemented capes, symbols (rendering and importing them via the UI), premium stuff, PM windows (because again: this was back before PM windows even existed!), loot boxes, and a bunch more. Eventually I moved on to play with 2.0xx, but quickly lost interest for a few reasons: there was a ton more to do, we were very busy with server development still (so this felt like wasted time), and well, at the time I was doing it solo, so I felt like it was too much of a monumental undertaking to attempt at this point in time. Aaaaaand now skip to this year (2017) The server's in a very good place, to the point where major server development is few and far between now (usually just bug fixes at this stage), and the OpenKO project happened. If you're not familiar with the project, they set about messing with the client source as well in an attempt to update it while learning how things work. This piqued my interest, and I became involved with it for a bit. Many hands make light work, after all. However, my experiences with open-source KO development have taught me that it's... well, a terrible idea (blah blah working alone blah blah spoonfeeding people blah blah people complaining about things not being implemented while at the same time selling it for their own personal gain blah blah... you get the idea), so I took the opportunity to ask those who were actively contributing about doing so in a private repository. Surprisingly (or maybe not?) that went over quite well. I should add that the project isn't specifically for ApexKO; most are just doing it for their own learning purposes, but ultimately it's my goal to use this project here, in place of the official client. I should probably also mention that I still help out with the public project; it is still a great place to learn how things work, so I'm happy to help people out over there. My main development focus though, is with the private repo. With the private repo it's a lot more comforting knowing that people aren't going around selling it while harassing you to implement/fix things for them (I'm not even kidding; this happened.). Since, we've made leaps and bounds with the project. At the time of writing, we've: Implemented symbols (clan, PVP, party leader, chicken, etc) Implemented capes Added premium behaviour (texts and whatnot) Updated overhead info (e.g. line under clan leader's name), fixed ranges on names, etc. Reimplement TBL handling logic to support newer TBLs and handle them in a more intuitive way (without having to save to .tmp files after decrypting >_>). Implemented merchant stalls, UIs and all relevant logic for it (UIs are more intuitive to interact with, as well) Implemented loot boxes Implemented the upgrade system, so you can now compound accessories and upgrade items. The anvil will show the effect when you burn an item or upgrade it, etc. Implemented the new "presents" screen Implemented the new login screen Implemented the new nation selection screen (and fixed the old one) Updated the character creation screen. Implemented backwards compatibility for old UIs Updated and fixed rendering of item tooltips Fixed wrapping issues with tooltips in general Implemented drag/drop behaviour from skill tree -> skill bar. Implemented updated hostility behaviour and unified it all. Implemented event tile support (for triggering things like zone notices) Implemented zone notices (for entry and area triggers) Implemented commands UI Implemented exit menu Started migrating logic to use a 3D engine (so we aren't tied to DirectX and Windows, and we can also optimise our rendering pipeline). Updated the party list UIs. Implemented debuff behaviour for HP bars (and for party lists). Implemented mousewheel event support Reimplemented networking logic (for stability, performance, easier to work with, etc). Reimplemented input logic to no longer rely on Windows edit controls (meaning we needed to implement all of the editbox behaviour ourselves, like handling moving the caret and keys/hotkeys like CTRL+C/CTRL+V, home/end, etc) Implemented most of the King system UIs (will probably be done by the end of the week, even) Implemented the skill cooldown effect overlay ... and much, much more. I actually probably shouldn't have been as specific, because I was really just listing changes (at random, really) I considered reasonably noteworthy -- but they're far from all. In closing... Long story short, the work we've put into this project so far has been monumental. So much so that it's looking likely that we'll have sufficient 1.298 support to push into future versions reasonably soon. The project is extremely exciting. Time consuming, for sure, but very exciting and offers us endless new options. Perhaps I might make status reports regarding this project here, if anyone's interested in seeing how things are coming along.
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    ItzGameMAFIA ban?

    what ban ? ItzGameMAFIA
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    ItzGameMAFIA ban?

    Banned for cheating.
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    Patch notes (21/07/2017)

    Changelog Multiple vote kicks can now take place in events concurrently. This fixes an issue whereby players would preemptively vote-kick another to avoid them from being vote-kicked themselves. Ultima now also spawns in Ronark Land twice a day. Players will have 30 minutes to kill it, otherwise it will leave. Added more ways to farm [Blessed Upgrade Scrolls] in Ronark Land: Beasts now drop them at the same rate as Blood Seekers. Hob Goblins now drop them. Apostles of Piercing Cold and Dragon Tooth Commanders now have increased BUS drop rates. Adjusted Hepa's weapon drops in Ronark Land: Balrogs now also have a chance of dropping Hepa's Raptor (+8). Booros now also have a chance of dropping Hepa's Shard (+8). Doom Soldiers now also have a chance of dropping Hepa's Iron Bow (+8). Added armour drops to Ronark Land: Titans now drop Dragon Scale and Trial armours. Falcons now drop Mythril armours. Fixed a visual bug with [Wings of Hellfire Dragon Exchange Voucher]: the name now correctly reads 30 days, not 15. Note that it always gave 30 days regardless.
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    Something new

    Hello there, Long time we re waiting for some news here. Morning pk is fully dead 4-5 ppls in each side. My opinion is that we need something new here. Adding darkness weapons could be great idea. Lot off ppls have 11 krowaz weapons now so adding heppa items as begginer gear would be also good idea to get some new apexians. Leave ur comment. Thx for reading. Enjoy.
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    Welcome to ApexKO! We're a light-farm, PK oriented server that has been online since December 2015! Based on the newest Official KO version, we strive to provide a seamless, quality service to all our players. Here's a small guide to get started in ApexKO. 1. Creating a character: After finishing creating your account, you may create a character. Each character will come equipped with the following items: A set of starter gear according to your class. Scrolls and a set of 1k HP and MP potions. 5 day Cospre items (Valkyrie armors, Pathos Gloves, Wings) vouchers that can be redeemed at Moradon for free. 5 million noahs. 2. Customizing your character: You can acquire additional starter items to better suit your class at the [Gear Dispenser] NPC. You may find the following items in here: Mage and Priest armors with MP and INT bonuses respectively. Other jewelry choices (Light belt of Life, Platinum Earrings, Elf-Metal Earrings, etc.) And the choice to re-acquire any of these items for free, at any time. 3. Stop by Sundries to get PUS pvp scrolls and other goods. In our sundries you can find the following items, needed to pk against other players: Weapon and Armor enchant scrolls. Lion Stat Scrolls. HP 2000 and AC 350 scrolls. Teleport to Friend scrolls. EXP, WAR and DC flashes (can't be acquired anywhere else). Unbind Item (required to unlock bind-on-equip items like Krowaz Armors). Scrap of Steel and Nest Scraps (required to upgrade old uniques) can also be purchased in sundries. Level 62 scrolls for free (Absolute Power, Scream, Magic Shield, Judgment). HP 1500, AC 300, Swift and Wolf scrolls for free! Now you're ready to head into CZ! 4. In-Game events: Additional to the PK / PVP modes that Knight Online is known for, you may also access a multitude of other activities in-game. In the events section we have the following ones: Border Defense War Chaos Dungeon Forgotten Temple Juraid Mountain Lunar Wars & Invasions Bifrost Ronark Land Wars / Boss event Castle Siege War For more detailed info on these events, click HERE (TBA). 5. Farming for gear. Farming is very easy in ApexKO. With some consistency, you can get top-tier items in no time. TBA 6. Various ApexKO™ features and convenient information (Click on them for in-depth information where available): Event entry: To access BDW and Juraid Mountain you need to be at least 83/1 or have 800 National Points in your character. Anti-DC feature: In events like Border Defense War and Juraid Mountain, accidentally disconnecting won't remove you from the event. Vote Kick feature: In instanced, automatic-party formation events, you can cast a vote-kick on a user that you think deserves it. Anti-Spam feature: If you spam the chat too quickly, you will be timed out for 2 minutes! Please don't spam the chat. Letter feature: You may send items through letter, or regular mail to the enemy nation. This has been disabled in official KO for ages. Rental Feature: For 150 million noahs, you can rent the best weapons in the server for 1 hour. Find this NPC at CZ. Clan Online Rewards: The more members of your clan you have online, the higher the EXP, NP and drop rate bonuses will be! Clan Bank: ApexKO provides a clan bank at Moradon. (Note: Be aware that if your clan is disbanded, clan bank contents will be lost) Upgrade Rates: +9 and +3 are the maximum upgrade levels in ApexKO. You may only reach +8 -> +9 through rebirth upgrades. Event Schedule: You may access the event schedule both in-game and in forums. Reskill Cost: The reskill costs have been dramatically reduced. Nation Transfer: You and your clan can nation transfer for a very small cost. Changing Class: You may class change for a reduced cost. Lunar Wars: This event has been readjusted to properly reward both attackers and defenders. Daily and Weekly CZ quests: ApexKO has implemented quests to give you a reason to always visit CZ every day for your PK fix! Draki's Revenge expansion and items: The revered Draki Pendants have made its way into ApexKO. Player monthly and permanent symbol rankings: Head over to ApexKO main website to see more. Clan rankings: Head over to ApexKO to see more. Player information: Check the items of any ApexKO player. Just change their name in your browser navigation bar. Sealing items: You don't need a premium service to seal an item in blue and make your valued goods safer. Unbinding items: Items that bind on equip such as Krowaz Armors and Draki Pendants, require special unlocking measures. Personal weapons: Doing personal quest rewards you the weapon of your choice already at +8! Character Rebirth: You may rebirth your character up to 5 times, increasing your stats and resetting all quests, including the personal weapon ones. 7. GM List and asking for support / reporting bugs and cheaters. This is the list of GM's and administrators for ApexKO: Server Admins: root (twostars), Aesteris. In-game GM's and forum moderators: Sierra, Omega, Vivaldi, LalaDuckPond If you need help with an issue in-game, click here. If you want to report a bug, click here. If you feel that the reported bug or exploit might be gamebreaking, please notify an admin directly. You will be rewarded if it is indeed severe. If you want to report a possible cheater, click here. We advice you not to use the Shoutbox to do any of the 3 items described above. 8. Punishment, bans and server rules. For a brief snippet on the server rules click here. Additionally you can see more in-game, top right corner of your screen. Detailed info on bans, mutes, forum bans and etc. will be added soon. This is all for now. Have fun in the battlefield, knights!
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    Need we want a poll New Server

    Hello everyone; We do not open a new server to you root or aesteris 2 people think that the people who do not care about us and the opinions of people with high numbers are important. New server will be crying ppl So we ask for a survey from you I will pay this fee and put it on the site which is the best advertising site of ko-cuce.net world I just want you to do a survey. @root @Aesteris P.S I say again, we do not open a new server, we only recommend you do a survey. Since it is not a server like apexko, it is fun to play here but it is not always the idea of the admin, but the opinions of the players are always important
  22. 3 points

    Solar Tattoo

    I'm totally agree with that. Actual price is really high, cospre is much cheapper if you buy it for a month. But new or casual players can't afford any of that unless it will be cheaper. Cospre price is good, therefore solar tattoo price should be decreased. In my opinion 5GB per 7 days is awesome, or atleast 10GB but for 14 days.
  23. 3 points

    Solar Tattoo

    I agree
  24. 3 points

    Patch notes (29/01/2018)

    Changelog Removed Christmas decorations from Moradon. This should fix the issues with the arenas. Added various new items to the [Gear Dispenser] in Moradon. Additionally: Moved our servers to a new, more stable provider (located in a similar place, so regular latency shouldn't be affected). Upgraded our hardware for further increased performance. Upgraded most of the software we rely on (and operating systems). Removed Cloudflare. Their nodes are often the cause for our website timing out, so this should solve these issues. With Cloudflare removed, setup our own SSL certificates for complete endpoint-to-endpoint encryption. Improved backend database communications, removing a couple of bottlenecks. Switched over to using SendGrid for sending emails, instead of our own mail server. This should greatly improve receive times and deliverability. The forums are also using this. Updated our backup strategy. We've increased how far back our backups extend to, increased the frequency of our incremental backups and allowed for exact point-in-time recovery. The performance hit during these backups should also be even less noticeable now. Updated the compiler the game server's using. This should hopefully improve performance as key logic should now be correctly optimised. Made some tweaks to the website: Resetting seal & VIP storage passwords now behaves like most other requests. You can only initiate one request at a time, and you must click the link in the email for the passwords to change. This helps avoid a lot of the confusion when resetting these, as they could previously be spammed (and thus changed many different times to many different things). Pending emails no longer expire. This was also a source of confusion that not even the website handled correctly in a couple of cases. For pending email reset requests that did expire, a new one will be automatically created on login. Reworked caching. Things should behave a lot more consistently and cause far less issues. Improved general site security and access.
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    Hello, I've replied to your topics in bolded red. Best regards, Vivaldi.
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    nowdays seems felo and ultima just killing the pk on cz instead to keep it alive and bring more players to fight.. ultima its strong enough and with the lats changes since is just 30 min up is still possible to have some decent pk for this shotr time.. about felankor mmmm i dont remember when is the last time i saw this boss alive for more then 5 min... people just login to kill it fast to have dayly quest done then rage quit to chaos generator to drop rof everywhere... kinda agree with : daily quest can be ksed by last hit nation .. and drop will b takend by the party which make most dmg on it.... but still felo is diying so fast . imo you should give more resistant felo + make some % drop ROF +0 instead to drop alot of randoms items + daily quest felankor they shoudnt drop at all rof. lot of people just login 50x character to get dayly done then leech items not good but well thats something we cant do nothing against. and more important . change the time of respawn big bosses .. cant be possible they respawn always early on morning or afternoon after bdw and before bf .. ??? what else? its not enough to have kings spaming on each side FELO UP gel help cz to get some items -.- change it already god... ps: can we make battle priest alive once on this kurian warrior server? .. + bring mages back already...
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    Not sure why this is upvoted. Melody's cool and all but those ideas are horrendous lol. First of all, +3s in the gear dispenser? When the respective +1 or +2 versions don't even exist? (talking about EP, LKP, etc). Why? So what you do as a mage is log in, get the BiS items from Gear Dispenser and just pk your heart out? With no real sense of progression they would leave just as quickly, especially considering that NP symbols (a big factor for mages) are practically not available to them. Second, blue potion huh? Because every single melee wouldn't also buy this? But I guess it doesn't matter because mage damage ignores defense. Third, a bad idea as it is. KC is a currency not attainable by any means except big events and your credit card so it doesn't make sense to arbitrarily introduce it as a bandaid fix to appease those that happen to own high NP accounts. However, at that value it wouldn't really hurt because it's kind of a joke (1M nps for 1k kc, you could probably sell the character for higher than $10) it seems way off tbh. It just doesn't make sense imo. If it was up to me, I... actually, not gonna say anything because APEXLUL. Good luck getting any features to come out, Melody. You'll need it!
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    WHAT IS THIS ??????

    People have shared before you were not interested again in detail I do not remember a person banned from the TBL so much player koxper ApexKO on the server I wish it would be better if you had your game knowledge as much as the UsKO gm and the authorities
  29. 3 points

    Hi Brook

    İsveç > All.
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    Hey guys, Since the last status update we've been pretty busy! We've updated the client to be on par with USKO 2.171, we've rewritten the King system, we've added Castellan Capes and the Castellan Dungeon, we've fixed a plethora of general bugs (present in the official client and otherwise), implemented Darkness item proc/effect behaviour (most notably the Dark Knight Mace, which behaves uniquely in that it allows players to heal enemies to deal damage), improved speedhack detection, and much, much more. Firstly though, our Halloween event! As of today's patch, the Halloween event will be over. It's definitely been a fun week. For the most part, I'd say the Halloween event went pretty well. The start was rocky as there was a ton of new behaviour that was implemented for this event (Darkness weapon procs/effects, new exchange behaviour, etc), as well as some issues with our updated speedhack detection, but we worked through it pretty quickly. Darkness weapons were a bit of a game-changer with PvP, but for merely a week of use (give or take some minor carry-over after the event), it definitely mixed things up a bit. Things should go back to normal soon, as these event items expire. The Halloween event also, however, made a fundamental problem with Knight Online's behaviour very clear. With the increased spawns in and around the CZ bowl, players with lower-end PCs / connections were struggling with warping (e.g. Descent and other teleports, like mage Blinks). Which is where our major gameplay optimisations come in. Knight Online has many problems. It's not the most efficient game, by far. Stuttering and lag is just expected of it at this point, unless your PC is reasonably high-end and you have a very good connection to the server (i.e. low ping). This isn't really true for a lot of people who play the game though. Especially with private servers, having a decent ping to the server can be very hit or miss. So when the server isn't at all efficient about its communications with the player (which it isn't!), it can result in sending a considerable amount more data to the client and forcing it to perform a lot of unnecessary work, which results in stutters and lag while the client slowly processes its requests. This week, such an issue was highlighted pretty clearly. With the increased spawns in and around the CZ bowl, players were finding increased stutter and lag -- particularly when using warps like Descent. The reason for this is actually pretty silly, but I need to explain how things work first to properly understand it. In Knight Online, maps are divided up into regions. Something like: Players can only see the contents of adjacent regions, like so: In the above, player A can only see player B, player C, player D, and player E because they can see regions (1,1), (1,2), (1,3), (2,1), (2,2), (2,3), (3,1), (3,2), and (3,3). They cannot see our perfectly accurate depiction of a worm over in region (4,4), because it is not in an adjacent region. So when player A crosses into region (3,3)...: As you can see, they can no longer see player B, player C or player D. We can still see player E in (2,3), and we can also now see the worm over in (4,4). This should all be pretty straightforward. Realistically, you'd expect it to despawn players/NPCs/monsters from the regions we can no longer see (those greyed out in the above image), and insert those in the regions we can now see (the darker yellow regions in the above image). That is, simply make the minor changes to what we know. The problem with its official behaviour is that it doesn't do this at all. Instead, it officially despawns everything and re-requests everything in its adjacent regions. Obviously this is extremely inefficient. In the example above, we already knew where player E was. Unfortunately, because everything was reloaded, it had to remove them and we had to be made aware of them... again. In addition to the worm which we previously couldn't see. This behaviour is pretty bad, but it's worse still for warps and respawning. Both of these not only fully reload when you move to an adjacent region, but every single time. For example: if you Descent to someone right next to you (for the purposes of this example, in the same region), it will still request a full reload of all players (+ merchant stalls), NPCs and monsters for all adjacent regions. Every single time. So, we were able to optimise this pretty heavily. We now specifically tell the client only what it needs to know. For adjacent region changes, that means who we no longer can see, and who we can now see. In the example above, this means telling player A that we can no longer see player B, player C or player D, i.e. all players/monsters/NPCs from regions (1,1), (1,2), (1,3), (2,1), (3,1). We also tell player A that we can now see worm over in (4,4). Anyone else still in our adjacent regions, for example, player E over in (2,3) remains unchanged. We have no need to update them whatsoever, so they no longer get despawned. For same region changes (e.g. warps), this means we no longer tell it anything -- because it just doesn't need to know. Player A can already see everyone in the region they were at and adjacent regions. They didn't change regions; there's no reason to look for anyone new. Sadly, requesting all data is entirely official behaviour. This was never purely a problem with ApexKO, or purely the server -- to fix it, we even had to patch the client to let us make these changes. But why are they so major? This all seems pretty trivial. It's so major because it's a ton of data the client was always processing, to the point where it having to unload and reload spawns (particularly when there's a lot of them!) causes very noticeable lag/stutter. Again, this is particularly evident with warps like Descent and mage's Blink, especially in highly populated areas (e.g. CZ bowl, especially with our pumpkins from the Halloween event!), but also of course when it's forced to do so from simply moving into another region. This also inadvertently fixes some other things. For example, since things aren't being fully reloaded on same-region or adjacent-region warps, or when they move into adjacent regions, nor finally when players are resurrected, loot boxes will also no longer despawn in these cases. Since loot boxes aren't actually game objects, and only exist when you're nearby to see it drop, full reloads previously removed them. But since there's no reason to reload, they're not actually removed anymore, so you can still see and loot them. I'm sure there's other behaviour related to this which it will clean up, but for now this will have to do. These optimisations should greatly improve gameplay from what you'd expect from even an official server like USKO. Completely removing that lag/stutter from most typical behaviour should be very noticeable and make the game that much smoother. Thanks again to those who reported the stutter with Descent. These reports are what allowed for some pretty nice improvements to overall game behaviour! How's the client source project going? Truthfully, with all the work on ApexKO in regards to its Halloween event and stream of bug fixes for surrounding patches, I haven't been as busy with it as I'd like. That should change though as things begin to stabilise again. Changes we've made since the last status update include: Cleaning up mouse input behaviour, to behave consistently and cleanly (this also deals with UI focus issues, so you can now, for example, click the chat UI/scrollbar and use the mousewheel to scroll the chat bar, or click back out into the game and return mousewheel behaviour to zoom in/out pretty seamlessly). Implementing UI clickthrough behaviour, for things like the chat bar. Cleaned up UI event behaviour for consistency. There was often cases where this inconsistent behaviour lead to various bugs. Finished implementing all of the King system. Implemented the friends list. Reimplemented chat behaviour. Implemented PMs. Implemented the chat bar buttons. Implemented chat filters. Item names are used consistently/correctly where needed. There were often cases officially, typically in messages in the info box where the wrong item name is used (specifically the name of the item's base), rather than the item's actual name. Updated the trade UI to behave as per 1.298 (with the confirmations, etc). Updated the vendor UI to behave as per 1.298 (with the confirmations, etc). Updated loading behaviour to more closely match official (where the load % is tracked, rather than updated at intervals). Implemented support for stealth / visibility (e.g. Lupine) skills. Fixes alpha blending issues with text and models (these existed in the official 1.298 client, but were fixed in later official versions). Clan symbols on capes now only show if the clan is allowed to use them. Purchase prices are now correctly coloured by price (as with newer clients). Fixed various UI input bug issues. Fixed double-click logic to behave on a per-control level, rather than per-click (i.e. making 2 clicks on 2 different things shouldn't trigger a double-click on the 2nd, e.g. with lists -- clicking one list entry then another rapidly shouldn't fire a double click event). Updates login screen error behaviour to behave as per 1.298. Fixes some issues with rivers / ponds not rendering. ... and more. In regards to major updates that are left, we still need to implement transformation support (and hence siege weapons), the rental system (although less important), Power-Up Store/in-game browser, quest tracking, etc. Hopefully when things are more stable with ApexKO, I can start to knock some more of those major features off the list and push it ever closer to a more complete state. What's next? Honestly, we still have a lot of our previously mentioned future goals from our last update left. Most likely the next thing we tackle will be implementing UTC, but we'll see what happens. With that game feature (finally!!) in, a lot of our secondary priorities can be looked at (in addition to getting more work done with the client source where possible!). Until next time.
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    Scammer nick

    this is all pawel's fault tbh
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    Hi! Razor here. I'll post a long list of tips for every class. These are no advanced strategies or anything, instead they are the most basic of things one could imagine. So basic that 99% of players aren't even aware of them, and don't even realize how much they suck at the classes they play for so long. If I could define this guide in two words it would be common sense. Without further ado, let's begin. Warrior protips: Always have a shield in your inventory ready to be swapped, just like (good) rogues do with Chitin Shield. It can save you long enough until you get the 10k heal. It's also a must have in BDW. In BDW, destroy the altar with shield equipped. It has a fast attack speed, unlike the Very Slow attack speed that Raptor has, or Slow in case of Baal or Wiri. You will always get the altar. Yes, in BDW, as a Warrior, it is YOUR JOB TO DESTROY THE ALTAR. You are the tankiest class. So pay attention to the fucking timer, and get there. It isn't rocket science. Don't overextend and chase away from your party in general pk. You will never catch a rogue. NEVER. Stop getting killed stupidly. In Juraid, use your passion tree AOE skills when trash mobs spawn, such as Dooms, Apostles and Troll Warriors. Juraid is a speed event, and even 5 seconds can make the difference. If you have a priest with 75 points in heal or higher in your party, do not use HP booster, because it will prevent said priest from casting a superior restore heal. Use Resistance potions from sundries for the right situations. I know you warrior players are used to just mashing away Cry Echo to win, but please try your hardest to incorporate these protips into your regular gameplay. You will do much better, trust me. Assassin protips: Don't drain a weak monster (such as a Riote, or Bach) that is already below a certain HP threshold where your Spike + Thrust would do higher damage. Use Illusion. It's a legit support skill that can save your poor party member from getting slain by another assassin. In BDW, minor heal your flag carrier. Why is this so hard to comprehend? In Juraid, don't drain Deva before your priest parasites, dumbass. For every other situation, let your macro do the job. Next. Archer protips: Do not get into Arrow Shower / Multiple Shot range unless you're absolutely sure it's safe and you won't explode from focus fire in 2 seconds. People will focus archers. Never use Blinding Strafe for damage. You're TRASH if you do so. It's one of the few panic buttons that an archer has and it's on a long cooldown. Never use Power Shot unless you want to prevent a town attempt, or you want to finish someone off. Those are literally the only 2 uses this skill has. Blow Arrow exists. In Juraid, attack Minotaurs from the edge of the green targeting circle. That way all your arrows will land and not fail. In BDW, try to be more supportive (cures, minor) and tanky than you would usually be, because you're the weakest class there along with BP in there. If you are spamming 400-600 damage arrows, you should probably go do something better with your time (like farming gear). You're like a mosquito to that guy you're attacking. Kiting is a thing. It's a legit strategy in every single game out there. You have range, they don't. Use it to your advantage. Elf Rings are not good. Windforce +11 > Hepa IB +11 > Helenid +11 / EE +11 (these last two only for when you're starting out). There are no other bows worth getting. Personal +11 also sucks. Never get 23 points in master for Eskrima. It's beyond garbage on archers. Clunky and lower range than regular arrows. Cure Disease is a much better choice. Styx exists. Some archers to this day don't even use it. I would say 4 out of 6 archers that I've faced in Apex (or even official KO) don't know of this item. Archer isn't as easy to play as other class because you actually feel underpowered in every situation that isn't partying up with another 6-7 archers. Keep training. Mage protips: Instantly Magic Light Shock more often. Double Blink isn't the be-all end-all. Try to give resistances to your priests and warriors. In BDW, have at least a Chitin Shield or better (like Gab's Adamant +7). Do not join BDW if you're a MP fire mage. You are not helping, and this isn't official KO where you would sometimes get in party with 3-4 more mages. In Juraid, Double Blink and Call Party to save some seconds. If you have another lightning mage, then Double Blink, Teleport him, and have him Double Blink and Call Party (roles can be inversed). You will save a lot of time. These are useful, but not that vital with the exception of the last tip in Juraid. Just have good positioning as a mage and a good sense of when to TP people, and you'll do fine. Priest protips: 10k and 960 aoe heals aren't the only heals that should be in your skill bar. Debuffing takes a back seat to healing. What's the point of getting the perfect Torment when your party members are dead? Don't Parasite a target that is already low on health. That's a free /town for them. In Juraid, Parasite and Superior Parasite monsters in advance, not those that are already being killed. In BDW, it is wise to reskill before it begins and leave your points unspent (other than 60 in heal) so you can then ask the other priest and go Buff or Debuff depending on what is needed. In Forgotten Temple, give Fresh Mind to your party members if possible, also Undying. In BDW, make sure to give Undying in case enemies don't have a debuffer. In BDW, make it a priority to stay around your flag carrier, and heal him as much as you can. In Juraid, it's all about speed, as previously stated. If you're a lobo hammer wielding priest who never attacks, you are not helping. Put Helis on your skill bar and help out with Smites +11 or something. Are you telling me there's more than just healing whenever the party heals are off cooldown? Kurian protips: In Juraid, wait until your debuffer malices / torments the monster before using Divide Armor. In Juraid, do not use Divide Armor on an almost dead mini-boss, you idiot. Don't join Juraid as a DoT Kurian. Do not Pull an enemy that is already close to you. Instead, Divide Armor first, then Pull if they run away. Most Kurians do this already. Most. If you are a DoT Kurian and you're facing a rogue that has Cure Disease just give up and town. Your entire build is negated by a potion worth 482 coins in Sundries. Use Rush over Pull if your target knows you're there. Odds are that he will immediately town once pulled. At least Rush is a 50/50 on whether he gets away or not. Use Pull on unaware enemies. In Juraid, if it's a KS-race on who kills Deva first, use Thunderstorm the enemies when Deva is at 5% HP so that they're stunned and you take it. Timing takes practice. Never use Berserk (50% bonus attack - 0 defense) unless you're facing mages or you're 100% sure your target hasn't noticed your presence. The most braindead class of them all. Always makes me chuckle when despite that fact, people still manage to fail as a Kurian. Then I feel a little sad for them, it must suck to be that dumb. Thanks for reading, let's see if you guys finally learn to play this 15+ years old game for once. I put it very nicely in colors so you guys have an easier learning experience See you.
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    Hi mdma
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    OTP Disable??

    Please send me a PM with as many of your known account details as possible. Thankyou.
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    nice krowaz

    Good ws bro i didnt care i killed u or u killed me its game just played for fun [email protected]
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    SELL: CHAOS BAAL +10 REV 42K KC!!!!!

    boomsavage has a hot wife
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    What is ApexKO rules of conduct?

    This is 100% bullshit, everybody know by now about your "second chance policy" so people just find more hax and edited tbls knowing that if caught they wont get banned. And with the knowledge about the game that staff here presents most people will never get caught. Ofc, some deserve more than second chance, that depends on GMs mood, if the suspect is a part of a big clan and more unclear rules that we dont know of. Like for example eatyoualive whos been multiclienting on bdws for weeks and is still playing. Whats the purpose of keeping that kind of garbage on apex? No idea. In result, the staff along with all the dumbasses who cant play KO normally, spit in the faces of legit players. ^Rules of conduct. np
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    Yok video yok kc, yok brain yok kc. Yok yok yok
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    Entertainment have g4life

    Hello! Do you want more clýps to your vid? This ýs your oportunity! I want to be part of thýs epic video on the making. Also, I have 3k KC sitting at my inn that I don't have much use so idk, wanna bet 3k? If, yes, we make beginner accounts, and record the VSes ok? Show every ýtem and achievement before VS, don't alter the movie speed and we're good to go Rules: 1) Record the fýghts but before them, show every item, scrolls and achýevements on camera and ofc, don't cut the vid hu3hu3; 2) Do not alter the clip's speed. 3) No Weapon Cancelation. We don't want to leave thýs VS based on luck do we? 4) Optional: 70- VS, even less luck applýed. Your call. Maybe 3 VS full skill and 3 VS 70- let's put all our sKiLlZ to test 5) Win your 3k KC, make video mocking and sucking me! Like you did with many other sins already! This ýs an ýncentive for you to accept hu3hu3: Chef suggestion: Watch the images while lýstening to "Too long didn't read": Do you want to suck me?
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    DrManhattan TEST

    I still don't understand what you're saying, maybe let's try an easy lesson? What fruit is this?
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    Small Funny PK #SELL NCS

    The person who thinks he plays the archery is very funny. The movements make will surely make all smile P.S Sell NCS (cheap)
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    Small Funny PK #SELL NCS

    Kill 1 archers with 2 sin beetwen mobs and make a video...
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    Small Funny PK #SELL NCS

    I love how you trade mp pots and then kill them Nice vid
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    Small Funny PK #SELL NCS

    log 15 more account and comment ur own post xd you are retarded
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    Razor talks shit

    I will give it the necessary punishment video Poor idiot who can not enter the game with shame It will look more funny playing on the idiot video that thinks the boy is playing I have video need editing
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    Need we want a poll New Server

    you can play yourko, alemgame, sexyko or any of those release-every-month turk servers you know
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    x q no? dejame a nadie molesto con eso dont be stupid if i put a name with the word "Allah" im sure that a lot of ppl start of crying for that is the same for us, pls rename this retard with another name example ImABigRetard
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    Dj old pics

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    8v8 Tournament (UsKO have)

    No macros in sight must be fake
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    Patch notes (12/05/2017)

    Changelog Fixed "cast failed" issues with Chaos Dungeon; server is now using the correct model for players. Performance improvements for quest NPCs; they should be faster to respond (may or may not be noticeable with lag, but the server notices ). Fixed a bug causing bound items to be unbound on server restart. Note: after maintenance they will be unbound, however it won't happen again for future restarts. Improved distance checks for melee skills on moving NPCs. Added dice roll command: +roll [[min] max] Will output something like: "<player> rolled 5 (1-100)." Can be used in 3 ways: +roll (1 - 100) +roll 1000: (1 - 1000) +roll 500 1000: (500 - 1000) Roll will be visible to the same context. e.g. #+roll will show to your party. +roll can no longer be used in general chat/shouting. Mutes now apply to commands. Fixed Felankor's spawn notice.