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    YoYoPizzaRapper(Chris) & YoYoPussyRapper(Elior) 2VS2 IJenna & Elos. End Result 5-1. Reward: 10.000KC. IJenna paid me 9000KC worth in items as you can see in the video. And he don't want to give us 1000KC because we logged on YoYoPizzaRapper&YoYoPussyRapper they dont understand that Gahi/Pizza is my oldtime friend and PussyRapper my #1 Taiwan friend<3. So TheGangAgency are calling me a scammer because i logged on YoYoPizzaRapper instead of Gahi himself but funny thing is XanthisLatex played on IJenna so it's not only the CN clan that used their friends for play for them but also them so how am i scammer?? And this isn't even a good reason to call someone a scammer you that didn’t pay 1000KC @IJenna and try not to that’s scamming maybe next time tell eachother the real owners stay on their accounts? Hello.!! But you guys didn’t so Nerde 1000KC!! Anyways 9000KC got paid but we still need to get 1000KC more which they don't want to give as u can see here: IJenna angry on me because i log PizzaRapper just reason for not pay 1000KC not nice reason. And even if angry on me was a good reason they still also doing this to my little brother Elior PS: I didn't want to upload this video at all. But IJenna talk to Elior about me that i kufur everyone blabla and he don't want pay 1000KC is reason i continue upload i didn't want to upload against Elos but this IJenna don't leave me another choice.... and tbh im a part of CN clan i like them i think all taiwans and chinese are nice persons even the long range ones. They not here for polemic/drama and u (TheGangAgency) call them out and make racism against them and challenge them for 10.000KC so i said to CN i will login and play for CN. So PizzaRapper didn’t even ask me for it i came up with it myself so those people stop talk them. And free kc is ofcourse always welcome @VERSACEONTHEFLOOR Thanks for ur trust btw😊 And don't forget to seal ur items Edit: IJenna confirms he don't want to pay the last 1000KC while the bet was 10k kc and he only give me 9k kc. Nice scammer IJenna / TheGangAgency Clan Leader not nice: Crying IJenna because i login YoYoPizzaRapper but XanthisLatex login IJenna also not real owner hello??? NICE CRY: Give last 1000KC. And i remove video you did this to urself you say to Elior i'm salak kufur and other bad words and scam Me and Elior 1000KC while u make challenge 10.000KC but only give 9000KC??? I waiting 1000KC Scammer!!!
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    Lag? Disconnections??

    Hey guys, Once again, been a while since our last major status update. Since, we've updated the client, implemented the Castellan dungeon and rewritten the King system. I'm not going to reiterate what I've said there, but the remainder for the most part still needs to be done. More on that in a bit. We're also now trialling our new Turkish GM Eos as we've been lacking a staff member who can support our Turkish playerbase. Please give him a warm welcome. But the lag though~ Firstly though, I want to talk about the lag and disconnections that have started happening recently. This has been an issue for some for a while longer, but was made noticeable when we started being more strict about how much players were allowed to lag before we kick them (otherwise we end up with issues such as players appearing to be cheating because they're lagging behind). This lag has been a recurring issue we've experienced with our provider, HyperFilter. Each time they've gone away and eventually dealt with it (after back and forthing with them trying to stress that it is indeed an issue). It's something we're aware of and we're always dealing with, although it may not seem like it. At this point, we think they're rather overrated and terrible value for money, so we've decided to switch providers. This switch also means upgrading hardware, because it's been 4 years since we started with HyperFilter -- 4 years technology wise is a huge gap. At this point, the newer hardware is cheaper than what we're currently paying for our much older hardware (RIP. We should really consider upgrading more regularly). Additionally, their DDoS mitigation scales much better than HyperFilter's ever did, meaning in future, if need be we have the option at our disposal. Location wise, it will still be hosted in Amsterdam. Regular latency should be much the same; HyperFilter's own latency issues aside, players all over the world in general haven't been too severely impacted by its location (obviously there are exceptions, but in general it's been a great choice). In addition to this, we're excited to try out a beta service our new provider offers which attempts to reduce latency for game services in a manner similar to how services like WTFast work (just from their end). We're very hopeful this will further help players with latency issues, although we have no other real info on this right now (we're still looking into getting it hooked up to give it a try). We've been setting these up all week, and will most likely be fully switching things over on Monday. As there's a lot of data to migrate we'll probably have a 12 hour downtime, though the exact time will still be figured out. Alongside the move, we're looking at addressing some other longstanding issues players have experienced. We'll be dropping CloudFlare. As great as CloudFlare is at caching content, players have consistently had issues connecting to certain nodes causing page timeouts that we can't do anything about. If you've PM'd me about this -- this is why I (probably) haven't responded. Once we drop CloudFlare, these timeouts should disappear and the site should be consistently usable again. Unfortunately this also means screwing with our SSL certificate; we'll have a new one, so browsers may briefly have issues with this change. Fingers crossed for the best though. We've also updated caching. This has caused some odd issues with the website, particularly with identifying recent emails. On a similar note, we're no longer serving our own emails; this is now being offloaded to SendGrid. For those that don't receive their emails or take a while to receive them, this should help out a lot. This change has already been made to the forums, so emails should be working much better here right now. Finally, we've made some general backend updates to the website, and the webserver happens to have a lot more resources to work with now. This speeds things up noticeably. The general functionality & design of the website remains the same. When we switch things over to the new provider, these changes should all be pretty noticeable. Regarding the game itself, we've also decided to update the compiler considerably. This wouldn't normally be worth mentioning if we didn't rely on several language features that have been changed/improved. One specific example is our random number generation. There's been a lot of concerns with this (particularly in regards to it giving recurring results), but it's very hard to find fault in RNG; rate tests have given us reasonably accurate results, so my general response to this is always "RNG is RNG". I also want to trial a different approach for this; this will probably be done before we migrate, just to see if there's any noticeable difference in recurring results. Additionally, in the compiler we were using, it's been reported that it does not know how to optimise 'lambdas' well. As our code relies a lot on lambdas (really, a lot), we should see a lot of our code that's run a lot (e.g. sending data to players in nearby regions) get sped up. Exciting for us, anyway. Fingers crossed for these performance improvements come Monday! That's great and all... but I heard there was going to be a new expansion? And where's my UTC?? Yes. There's a new expansion in the works, and UTC is part of it. It really isn't too far away. Actually, we hoped to release the expansion at the same time as the move, but since I insisted on updating software (and updating/fixing everything that uses it) and generally improving the infrastructure, the migration ate up a lot more time than we anticipated. Whoops. I don't have a date for it, but considering we originally hoped it'd be released this weekend, it shouldn't be too far away. So once that's released, what's next? We still want to continue making progress with our client source project. The plan is to get back to focusing on that after the UTC expansion is sorted, as that is our long-term goal. Additionally, as in the last major status update, we still want to contract a developer/designer for a new website. As-is, the website is clunky and doesn't offer everything we'd like it to. It also doesn't make a great first impression, and unfortunately that's rather important in attracting new players (aesthetics was never our strong suit D:). Until next time!
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    Welcome GM Eos!

    Greetings Apexians! I'm writing this topic to introduce everyone to our new Game Master, his name is Eos! This is great news because he is fluent in Turkish which means that our turkish community will finally get the support they deserve! As a regular Apex procedure, in the first month he'll be categorized as a Trial GM, meaning that he's still in the "learning" process and being accompanied by us, getting to know the server better and our way to manage issues and how to properly adress our users. Don't be afraid to greet and welcome him to our server! Without further ado, welcome Eos! We're very happy to have you on board!
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    Solar Tattoo

    Hello Everyone. Solar Tattoo is 10GB's for 7 days I think 10gb's is a bit too much for only 7 days. And it is especially annoying for new players who have just started ApexKO. Because newer players have to use their gbs to buy scrolls from the sundries and to buy uniques + 0, Upgrade able items from the merchants. And for players who have played on ApexKO for a long time it is no difference. Because they already have almost top gear so they have nothing to lose. Whether it is 5 GB or 10 GB, they remain very strong. So I think it's better to halve the price so it will be 5GB'S so that the newer players can buy it and I think it should stay on 5GB'S and not lower otherwise there will be too many GB's in the game and then the KC Voucher price will be very expensive. This was my suggestion, Let me know what you guys think about it. And especially the staff: @twostars @Aesteris @Vivaldi Kind Regards, Darius.
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    Solar Tattoo

    I'm totally agree with that. Actual price is really high, cospre is much cheapper if you buy it for a month. But new or casual players can't afford any of that unless it will be cheaper. Cospre price is good, therefore solar tattoo price should be decreased. In my opinion 5GB per 7 days is awesome, or atleast 10GB but for 14 days.
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    Solar Tattoo

    I agree
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    Patch notes (29/01/2018)

    Changelog Removed Christmas decorations from Moradon. This should fix the issues with the arenas. Added various new items to the [Gear Dispenser] in Moradon. Additionally: Moved our servers to a new, more stable provider (located in a similar place, so regular latency shouldn't be affected). Upgraded our hardware for further increased performance. Upgraded most of the software we rely on (and operating systems). Removed Cloudflare. Their nodes are often the cause for our website timing out, so this should solve these issues. With Cloudflare removed, setup our own SSL certificates for complete endpoint-to-endpoint encryption. Improved backend database communications, removing a couple of bottlenecks. Switched over to using SendGrid for sending emails, instead of our own mail server. This should greatly improve receive times and deliverability. The forums are also using this. Updated our backup strategy. We've increased how far back our backups extend to, increased the frequency of our incremental backups and allowed for exact point-in-time recovery. The performance hit during these backups should also be even less noticeable now. Updated the compiler the game server's using. This should hopefully improve performance as key logic should now be correctly optimised. Made some tweaks to the website: Resetting seal & VIP storage passwords now behaves like most other requests. You can only initiate one request at a time, and you must click the link in the email for the passwords to change. This helps avoid a lot of the confusion when resetting these, as they could previously be spammed (and thus changed many different times to many different things). Pending emails no longer expire. This was also a source of confusion that not even the website handled correctly in a couple of cases. For pending email reset requests that did expire, a new one will be automatically created on login. Reworked caching. Things should behave a lot more consistently and cause far less issues. Improved general site security and access.
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    Maintenance (29/01/2018)

    Hey guys, The server will be going down at 2:00 AM GMT+2. We estimate it to come up around 2:00 PM GMT+2 (12 hours) but that's just a rough estimation. In this time we'll be migrating servers over to our new provider to address latency issues as well as upgrade hardware and fix some other nuisance issues (slow emails, emails not coming through, etc). UTC will not be released in this maintenance. See this post for a more detailed look at what's going on behind-the-scenes. Thanks for your patience.
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    Gm step in get items back to right ppl and mute them for the disrespect to other play who made honest mistake. We have them close trade and add other items after 3 or 4 times hopping you dont check to rip ppl.. Now a honest mistake was made from someone who dont deserve it to happen so GMS gift item back and Mute others for how rude and noobish it is to do it
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    Gms should look at it and restore item it has been done before the restore for a big mistake like that... I myself have done same thing sold Gabs adament for 50 m thinking i was selling the blessing.. No matter what price the mistake is made 90% of players now ignore you or just run off with item proud that they are ripping off another player Gm can roll the chars back if want 100% do it i say
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    Solar Tattoo

    im agree %100 1 week 5 gb 14 day 10 gb
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    Solar Tattoo

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!!! I'm doing this specially for new clans like SlayerNation, Utopia, Famous, ResurrectionOfDivine, PeakyBlinders. I would like to know what the GM'S & Admins will think about it. @twostars @Vivaldi
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    Solar Tattoo

    I think 20gb 30 days is good
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    Solar Tattoo

    14 days for 10GB's is a good one. But for some people 10GB's losses are not that great at once. But they can for example, do that you have two options or 5GB's for 1 week or 10GB's for two weeks.
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    Remaning Timing

    Yes, INT increases glacier slow rate, but in reality the difference between 60 int and 255 int isn't that big when factoring in the opponent's glacier resistance.
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    Maintenance (29/01/2018)

    Selam arkadaşlar, Server saat 2:00 AM GMT+2'de kapanacaktır. Server tekrar saat 2:00 PM GMT+2'de (12 saat sonra) açılacaktır ama tabi bu sadece kaba bir tahmin. Bu sırada server'de olan gecikme sorunlarıyla ilgileneceğiz, hem de donamımızı yükseltip başka sorunlarıda düzelteceğiz (geciken emaıller, gelmeyen emailler, vs.) Sabrınız için teşekkürler.
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    Welcome GM Eos!

    Welcome to the team!
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    @Darius Thank you very much friend, it would be very good with that this starts to improve many things with respect to the ApexKo community. Because it is true as happened to him, anyone could happen and I do not think anyone would happen that and with someone with such a bad personality, and although he does not see it. If in a game is like that, in real life, is it the same?
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    Well it's actually his fault that he put in Glass Belt+3 instead of Glass Belt+0. But i have to say it's very mean of MeanTooBeeM that he don't want to give it back for +0 one. So it's not really a scam but just a huge mistake. But also very mean of the guy that don't want to give back the Glass Belt+3. Sorry for the loss tho
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    giftlar set for blackie
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    Buy & Sell List (17/02/2018)

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    Buy & Sell List (17/02/2018)

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    Merchant Chat

    lol few new ones added only time stop is when i d/c and not see can name a good 5 ppl at least some can spam fast enough to have everyone else cancelled
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    Buy & Sell List (17/02/2018)

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    Archer Lightning Shot Bugged

    Lightning shot is one hitting everyone, doing about 25k damage. Everyone in party was tripping out about it & as we continue to use it that's when I knew it wasn't only happening to me.
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    Xp Quest Ronarkland

    hello Video says it all i guess meant to get 1 amount but giving less then half Ohh btw how are my boots coming along ?
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    Clan Assistant Bug

    Should be fixed. Thanks for your patience.
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    you're good this time. ı let you to win
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    Sell List: Warrior Items: Undefeatble Wirinom+11[SOLD] String Of Skulls+3 Dual Ring Of Courage+3f Dual Opal Earring+3 Draki STR S.S.A Aos+3 Priest Items: Gab Adamant+8 Priest Krowaz Set+8 Holy Animor+11 Dual Ring Of Life+3 Dual Secret Silver Earring+3 Pm me in forum or ingame name: JewishAngel
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    Free TeamSpeak3 Server

    true she is QueenAurelia
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    Undefeatable Curse

    with mage blink too
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    Buy & Sell List (17/02/2018)

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    Gear Dispenser

    No1 Work here?
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    Undefeatable Curse

    any reply of apex staff?
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    yes is my priest but im playing only in some events with my others chars, i can help u in something? i can pm u on game if u want just write the ign and i pm u later
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    ItzMDMA Special <3

    really u think that some1 will take u seriusly parrot?
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    ItzMDMA Special <3

    poor idiots who have to invent
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    ItzMDMA Special <3

    show me pls i want see your iq 0 working
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    ItzMDMA Special <3

    really draki dex on me priest? u havent better idea for try of provoke me? u know what is karma? well im sure that u know now what is that, im not agree with the scam but im enjoy that u receive a punish coz u r a idiot
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    Using Macro's

    Agree 100%, remove macro, tbl and all 3 party tool, just retards need programs for play
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    About Exceptional Armors

    Hello my suggestion is if is possible add Exceptional Dragon fly+7, Exceptional Trial+7, Exceptional Mithrill+7 & Exceptional Rons+7 in the drop of the FT Chest and the other class of chest coz is imposible made this armors and remove the olds +5 and the useless items example normal shell +8 and other useless weapons example mirage dagger, glave, haldberg, etc thanks,
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    Character seal scroll dont work

    that fix my problem i never think that this cause the problem thanks, dont forget unban my forum account lockjaw pls thanks again
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    Character seal scroll dont work

    if i put back the ring in other account i can use the scroll then? and about my second forum account what happen with that?
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    Fixing invisibility potion abuse

    maybe the solution is that only can be activate near of the base quest
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