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    WHAT IS THIS ??????

    People have shared before you were not interested again in detail I do not remember a person banned from the TBL so much player koxper ApexKO on the server I wish it would be better if you had your game knowledge as much as the UsKO gm and the authorities
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    This went too far. Topic closed and infractions given. We can't do much on what goes on in private messages and direct flaming specific against a person, but generally name calling, flaming and bashing a whole nation and religion on "all chat" will lead to a mute so actions will be taken by the staff.
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    SELLING : + WARRIOR KROWAZ SET +8 + UNDEF BAAL +11 + ROGUE KROWAZ BOOT +11 + DUAL ROC +3 + DUAL PE +3 + DRAKI STR SSA BUYING PRIEST ITEMS : PM JoeglacheL - IronHarpoon - SH3VA Please. ( Letter or from forum )
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    not to forget, in this video Slap priest is 83/0 without achievement