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    ZuKing here. Wanted to invite all active english speaking Karus "Orc" players to come join a great team and family. SlayerNation is now in ApexKO and looking to rise to the top. PM myself or any other member for more info. PKers and Farmers alike come together for one goal. To have a great gaming experience!
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    I think its safe to say that over 90% of the population believes that GM Omega is CORRUPT/LAZY. I would like anyone that has any screenshots of this CORRUPT/ LAZY gm to upload it to this forum post. Here is some of the photos i can provide that shows hes corrupt, although i could have screen shotted much more in the past although i didn't. (Hes lucky i don't have some of his team speak recordings). SS #1- Being threatened on his personal character after i killed him in CZ. (This character is no longer active so it is not exposing his real identity.) - https://gyazo.com/082a874c759ac00f5f4d7e425dcf5d9b SS#2- Him telling me he will get my kc back from the person who scammed me for 10k kc, if i stop posting a gyazo of him on forums (SS #1) / help him with his combo. - https://gyazo.com/85e4e803220f54a34584c78f0ae4b4ad SS#3- Continuation of SS #2- In this photo he gave me a "Early Unmute for Good Behavior" as a reward for not posting SS#1 to the forums. I was muted for spamming in moradon by Sierra for 24 hours. I guess being on good behavior for 15 minutes is enough to get unmuted on apexko? - https://gyazo.com/6a114baec396227884018631e553518d Whatever differences we have, leave them out of this topic. This topic is dedicated for everyone uniting together to provide proof to Twostars/ Aesteris that GM Omega is corrupt. This topic was approved by Vivaldi to be posted ( this is not an accusation, but has proof behind it.) - https://gyazo.com/e598c495fc64c869b43f300ae275b744
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    Undefeatable Curse

    Undefeatable - enemy can't be tped and can't do /town Bombastic Giant - makes an enemy bigger (like he used bezoar) and makes him lose 10% def Sweet Kiss - takes off HP buff - works like Reverse Life, so if enemy's scrolled then it suck badly (takes his sc off for 1s and then he gets that 2k HP back :P) Chaos - blocks enemy's skillbar (like Shock Stun, with that difference that you can run) Restricted Diet - enemy can't use HP pots (except for 1080hp pots) Lousy Pickpocket - takes off enemy's weapon (not shield) Fire Rain - aoe attack, no idea how it works... Kaul - turns enemy into Kaul pet (can only run and pot) Aztec Gold - enemy gets curse, that if he get healed, he loses 2k HP instead (works for heals, minor and probably pots) Mean - blinds enemy Adamant - enemy (and NPCs) can't attack you with meele attacks. You can NOT use pots, be debuffed by a single skill (malice, parasite, etc.) and use single buffs and heals Blessing - enemy (and NPCs) can't attack you with magic attacks. You CAN use pots, can't be debuffed by a single skill (malice, parasite, etc.) and use single buffs and heals
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    Wondering whats going on with server. i know gms increase felankor HP and the ultima time respawn has been increased. but still theres too much players on this server who need items or just players who like to farm bosses and then spam in moradon . is not possible during the bosses u can see alot of orcs ,like 4 party extra orc join to kill the bosses . once boss dead all they rage quit. i said orcs because on the last weeks i see they are doing this " easy farm ". im pretty sure more then 1 player from human already login on orc side during the bosses just to take quest and have a chance to drop a nice item. thats a nice way to farm ofc. but still theres players like me who want to pk during the bosses and special out of this time bosses . i have nothing against those players who need items and need to farm. most of people will say : you have dual rof +3 for you its easy to talk. well i can respond i ve pay alot for them and if u cant afford.. doesnt means u can take them so easy .. already so alot of people making buy merchant ROF+0 for 500 KC consider their price just 1 month ago was around 1.500 and now is going and going down. the reason? theres soooo much felankor to kill every day and all of drops going just to 1 side + with this easy way over number players getting items extra easy. ill like to remember the apexko staff theres players who really spend alot of time/ money to make their gear abit better then others. myb this sounds jelaous? dont get me wrong but ring of felankor will do the same end ROL and ROC. soon will cost very nothing and thats going to kill more fast the game and special the market / merchant. this 1 reason also why u cant drop from players all the gold bars.. theres already soo much players with alot of kc and pay rare items so cheap make them more rich. solar tatto is the proof u cant drain gb so easy. 3x FELANKOR every day or better respawn btw 8h - 10h . its so freaking tooo much. nowdays is too much because players undertand the way how to get items merchant w/o risk anything or w/o do some hard farm to get items. thats really unfair. so i can suggest to : -Respawn 1 felankor by day . not in the same time. not for the same players and make abig annoucement FELANKOR will respawn in 2 HOURS . Felankor will respawn in 1hour etc etc etc ... make the respawn time instead every 8-10 h. something more like respawn every 18 hours for example. 1 time will be up for asian player next time it will be up abit later for european and the next still will be for south america players. ultima: -increase more their regeneration or hp. theres thousend kurians MP mages login to kill it . kill a boss like ultima or felankor need alot of time not like apexko 5 min and all done. -Respawn even here just 1 ULTIMA by day. comon 2 ultimas and before was even 4 with bifrost events. is so freaking tooo much.. just 1 ultima by day according with felankor time respawn one far from the other. i cant even imagine how this will be when u guys OPEN UTC event. i just wonder how u want to make this schedule. those changes are nothing hard to do i guess? no need weeks to wait and can be done in the next friday with a simple patch. or at least u can start test if work or not . for those who want to farm: theres thousend ways to make gold bars and buy kc. nowdays while im genie im doing that . farm df trial etc.. upgrade them +8 and sell. easy coins. farm busses sell sundriess easy coins . by 2 hours around 4gb which means 100kc already. farm bowl kill harungas etc ..alot of gbs in 1 hour.(get some balls.) ill like to see any gm care about that. do something for apexko lot players quiting cuz this repetitive days.
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    Patch notes (23/12/2017)

    Değişiklikler Kurian sınıfının düşmanın çekme beceri oranı %50'ye düşürüldü. Ultima etkinlik zamanı 45 dakika boyunca Ronark Land bölgesinde kalacak(Eskiden 30 dakikaydı.). Ultima Hunt & Felankor Hunt görevleri için en az 5.000 lider puanına sahip olmanız gerekmektedir. Bifrost etkinlikleri tamamen Ronark Land bölgesine taşındı. Bifrost anıtı kaldırıldı. Bifrost yaratıkları etkinlik zamanı canlanacak ve etkinlik bittiğinde yeniden doğacaklar. Canavarlardan düşen eşyalar, yaratıkların yeniden doğuş zamanı aynı kalacak. Canavarlar Ronark Land bölgesinde ortaya çıkacak. Maradon'a Noel havası katıldı. İyi tatiller!
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    Welcome GM Eos!

    Greetings Apexians! I'm writing this topic to introduce everyone to our new Game Master, his name is Eos! This is great news because he is fluent in Turkish which means that our turkish community will finally get the support they deserve! As a regular Apex procedure, in the first month he'll be categorized as a Trial GM, meaning that he's still in the "learning" process and being accompanied by us, getting to know the server better and our way to manage issues and how to properly adress our users. Don't be afraid to greet and welcome him to our server! Without further ado, welcome Eos! We're very happy to have you on board!
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    HANGOVER & ItzMad Swearing..

    You should use '/chatblock' ingame to ignore these users.
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    Patch notes (09/01/2018)

    Changelog Reworked how warp skills are checked, who should be alive in specific cases in particular. This solves a problem with Descent being able to be cast on dead players and going on cooldown (it no longer goes on cooldown now) and potentially other problems with other skills. Commanders in wars will now be shrunken again after being under the effects of the Bombastic curse. Commanders in wars will now have their original size preserved for the duration of them being a commander, to be restored after they are transformed back to what they were previously. National Points earned by Commanders in wars are now correct again. Added new functionality to help diagnose and alleviate lag problems. Added NPC to Ronark Land through which you can access Latenoid's room (requires all 7 old Bifrost fragments) ONLY while Bifrost is active. Note: You do NOT know whether Latenoid is there when you go in - if he's not there, he hasn't spawned yet or has been killed already. Minor optimisation to Draki's Ranking lookups. Added support for improved wallhack detection, which we can use to better manage places people aren't supposed to go, with support for changes live, while the server is online
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    I think a full wipe and restart is in need and make it more of a farm server. (I just wanna see tukeownz with 0 nps) np
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    Knight Of Legends @ApexKO

    Songs: 1: Kristian Kostov - Ne si za men (Official HD) 2: Illenium - It's All On U ft. Liam O'Donnell (T-Mass & LZRD Remix) 3: Iggy Azalea- Bounce (lyrics) Enjoy Watching
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    Welcome. Nice to see new player. Call friends here Good luck...
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    Honestly, If you want Kurian's skills just like USKO then make macros like USKO.....Bannable Offense......I'd say that's a fair trade. Or nerf passion warrior's cry echo's hit percentage chance and take away their decent. lol. And I agree with Neo. Well said buddy. If you had a brain, you would know how to counter/play with and against a Kurian..... Sorry for being too GG
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    Patch notes (23/12/2017)

    Changelog Cleaned up various clan logic to address some general behaviour issues (i.e. with joining, inviting, leaving, kicking, promoting, demoting and transferring leadership). Delos castle gates are now considered "owned" by the castle holders, so they're no longer attackable by them. Fixed a bug with the King's clan not being updated correctly on election. This caused the previous King's clan to still be rejected for transfers and such. Kurian's Pull skill now has a success rate of 50%. Increased Ultima's boss event time to 45 minutes (up from 30). Added a requirement of 5,000 Ladder Points to the Ultima Hunt & Felankor Hunt quests. Reworked the Bifrost event to completely run in Ronark Land. The Bifrost monument was removed. The Bifrost monsters will spawn at event time and despawn once it's over. All drops, respawn times, etc are the same. The monsters have simply been moved to spawn in Ronark Land. Updated Moradon to be more festive. Happy holidays!
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    Sure thing, the topic already served its purpose. About the remaining points: 1) We'll be thinking of ways to deal with Ice Mages. First move would be making the casting of the skill able to get broken by melee hits; 2) We have reasons to keep this as it is; 3) UTC is coming. As for fail damages, weapon types play absolutely no part on it, meaning that fail rates will be the same no matter what weapon you use, this is a certainty. 4) Also coming on UTC; 5) We'll monitor how this plays along now and are up for future changes. Once again, thanks for everyone's input. Best regards, Vivaldi.
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    Buy & Sell List (20/01/2018)

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    Temporary Assassin Buff

    Hello, I know some people might not like the idea and some people might but that's why its a suggestion. Other people can always build off or give other suggestions. Current state of the server, assassins are really weak. Its still pretty much a warrior server. We haven't been given a ETA on UTC either because the gms/admins are saying buffs/nerfs will take place during that expansion. Since you guys did listen to people and changed kurians I hope you can do the same for assassin's. So I propose a temporary buff to Assassins to help them out. My suggestion is make the duration of CP 1.5x or 2x and increase the cooldown of it to keep it balanced. Another suggestion would be to decrease dagger failure. I know @YouGotPwndByMyAss brought this up and you guys said No, but it definitely would make a difference if you guys could change the rates a bit. Those are just my 2 cents. I hope there's people out there who will agree with me or can give some suggestions as well. Please try to stay on topic and refrain from flaming Thanks for your time and suggestions! Looking forward to so feedback from @twostars @[email protected]
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    Good video. (What do i look sexy in here) And i gotta say i love this song: 0:00 - 3:40 Edit: Need work little more on quality that's all.
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    RessurectionOfDivine recruitment

    Hey guys , We are looking for serveral members. Keeping it small tho, so it wont be a big clan. Atm we looking for a good sin that can cure our priest and mage. Requirements: -Teamspeak -Be experienced with ko -Reasonable geared PM:MrsSerires or Zaikooo ingame. Our old pk movie back in the days : Greetings
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    HANGOVER & ItzMad Swearing..

    All Apexko Player"s Full Swearing.
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    Rules / Kurallar

    FORUM RULES AND REGULATIONS I. GENERAL FORUM RULES OF CONDUCT: Do not disrespect, threat staff members/server and/or argue their decisions on public chat, lie or fake evidence for personal gain. If you believe that a staff member's punishment is unjust, please formally report it to another higher ranked staff member privately and it will be resolved. Do not advertise any other Private Knight Online Server(s), pornographic material, hacks or any potentially harmful application/software. Do not post offensive material. Messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist or discriminatory. Do not spam, flood the chat, type in all capital letters. Please do not double post or cross-post the same message in multiple forums or reply with pointless or meaningless posts which do not contribute to the thread. You will not post for the sake of increasing your post count - this include reply's like "good job", "I like it" - use LIKE button, it's there for a reason. Do not ask staff members for free ingame goods. Do not expose any private information of other members/staff without their consent even if not considered harmful or taken as a joke. Do not use inappropriate user names. May lead to a rename or permanent account/ip termination in severe cases. Do not impersonate staff members. Do not openly argue with a staff member. Contact them via a private message. Do not share your account. Forum accounts are intended for the use by one person. Do not post links to phishing sites. Do not derail a thread's topic. Do not create alternate, backup or multiple accounts. Do not publicly post or otherwise share PMs with other users unless you have the expressed permission of the sender to do so. Private Messages are intended to be just that - private. Do not discuss staff decisions. This includes the hiring/firing/promoting process of staff members. If you have any concerns or queries relating to a staff decision, please take it up in private with a member of the administration team. Do not revive old topics. Threads should only be “revived” if: There are no other topics pertaining to the thread that are newer and the thread is still legitimate. This is up to the Moderator's discretion. Do not advertise any website, forums, email address, business, activity, or other entities that you have an affiliation with (i.e. no self-promotion). Asking why a post was locked, a user was banned, or talking about policy in general in a neutral way is allowed--threads of this nature will most likely be locked the minute posters can't keep their cool. Argue objectively and clearly rather than letting emotions get the best of you. If at any time the thread is definitively answered or has outlived its usefulness, a moderator may lock it to indicate the issue has been resolved. If you encounter a bug, report it on the forums. In case it is gamebreaking, please send a PM to an admin directly to prevent abuse. Depending on its level, it could get you rewarded. Do not post real life currency trades in our forum, they are not supported. Do not expect help in case anything goes wrong. Do not use the shoutbox for requesting support. PM a member for the staff instead. *Breaking the rules above may lead to a temporary or permanent mute, account termination and ip ban in severe cases. II. SIGNATURE RULES: Do not use inappropriate signatures. Staff will ultimately decide if something is appropriate or not. No signatures may include text or images that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist or discriminatory. No signatures may have promotional language or offers for paid services. III. NOTES: These rules can't include every specific offence, so use common sense when doing something that you think may be against the rules. If you don't understand any of the following rules, personal message any member of Staff to help get a better understanding. There isn't such a thing as "I didn't know". By creating any account on Apex KO, you agree with our Terms of Service and have a duty to acknowledge and respect all server rules. All punishments are based upon an impact severity system. The more severe the violation, the more severe the punishment to your forums access and it may extend to ingame access as well. Staff decisions are final. If you feel you have been "wronged" in some way, Please PM an Administrator (@Aesteris, @twostars) for a secondary review. Remember to follow sub-forum rules. The Rules can be updated any time!
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    Buy & Sell List (20/01/2018)

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    Wooooooope S/B list

    BUMP For my best trusty polish friend
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    servantofsex is scammer

    You can't expect everyone to be like MDMA who pays his due.
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    Sell/Buy List

    trade all for Ratptor +9?
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    Buy & Sell List (20/01/2018)

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    Undefeatable Curse

    Undef also stops the descent skill of warrior
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    you're the biggest moron ever. if chris doesn't know how to follow party then no one in this server can. you fucking moron
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    [Grand Merchant] Kaishan

    This has been restored. You should see this in your mail when you next log ingame. Thanks for your patience.
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    New Year

    Hello Halloween event became a special day. Will event happen such a thing at the new year?
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    Temporary Assassin Buff

    Always Tuke his fault lol How is this new for you?
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    Temporary Assassin Buff

    You misunderstood my "last message". Even if they make Kurians useless or lets say delete it, nobody gonna come back to ApexKO. The population is not gonna increase by nerfn Kurians or buffn Assassins. The same players will just switch class. If you really want to see shit loads of players rushing to ApexKO, admins must reduce Tuke's nepejes by 30%
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    ULTİMA Etkinlik Saatleri Etkinlik zamanı yaklaştığında duyuru yapılır: #### NOTICE: Ultima will invade Colony Zone in 60 minutes #### Ultima CZ bölgesinde canlandığında ise şu duyuruyu göreceksiniz: ##### You have 45 minutes to slay Ultima before he flees! #### Saatler: 21.30 - 04.30 (Ek olarak Lunar Savaşlarında) Ek bilgiler Ronark Land bölgesindeki [Outpost Captain ]Della&Elrod adlı oyuncu olmayan karakterden (NPC) [Daily] Ultima Hunt görevini alabilirsiniz. Görevi almanız için en az 5.000 lider puanına sahip olmanız gerekiyor. Ultima doğduktan sonra 45 dakika içinde kesilmelidir. Aksi halde bir sonraki etkinliğe kadar kaybolacaktır. Ödüller: Ultima sandığı ve Tears of Karivdis Şekil 1. Ultima ödülleri Lunar Savaşı sonucu yenen ırk yenilen ırkın bölgesini 1 saat boyunca işgal edebilir. Savaşın sonlarına doğru Ultima Lunar Valley Entrance civarına düşmektedir. Ultima bölgeye düştüğünde oyun içinde duyurulur: #### NOTICE : Ultima has invaded El Morad (304, 1657) #### Savaşı kazanan ırk kendi ana şehrinden (El Morad & Luferson Castle) ya da karşı ırkın Luvar Valley bölgesinde bulunan Elmorad&Karus Commanding Officer NPC’den The Ultima görevini alabilirsiniz. Bu değerli taşları (gem), parçaları (fragment) ve Ultima sandığını (Ultima's Chest) Maradon şehrinde bulunan Chaotic Generator aracılığıyla kırdırabilirsiniz.
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    Temporary Assassin Buff

    So also bored of healing me?
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    ItzMDMA/LauraWells= Easy Player TY 10.000KC
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    Ice Mages Ruined BDW

    I'm suggesting you to disable ice 80 skill in BDW because when one side gets cubed they're done. In ApexKO players give up so easily and Ice mages are making it even more encouraging because when you cube two priests right in the beginning, melees die and quit. Ice mages are not a problem in CZ because they can't blink to run, that's why you rarely see them in PK. They only log in BDW for an easy win. This event is no more fun, there is no fighting going on. It's just AFK capturing Altar.
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    Knight Of Legends @ApexKO

    waarom zit gij toch altijd op elke godverdomse topic me uwe kanker kut smoel te blijten
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    Good luck !
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    @ 4:08. Lmao. that nigga running away and then GAREZ getting smacked haha !
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    Pull works for 5% (if even that) on usko rush should work quite often kurians aren't supposed to do the same dmg as warrior
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    Obviously a joking toppic but anyway: There is a cooldown on minor long ago, exactly the same as it is on usko. (And btw cooldown on minor only helps macroers, what would help NON macroers is to completely delete the mior cooldown like it was in 2009 and prior to that., just saying)
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    Ajan 2V2 Topic Hi Apex

    Hello, this is my last warning for everyone who's doing it: do not post personal information in our forums. Even if it's in a PM form. If you repeat this we will permanently ban your account from forum and from our server as well. A hardware ban that will prevent you from playing ApexKO ever again. Best regards, Vivaldi.
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    Wooooooope S/B list

    Sell your war krowazes +8s to YouGotPwndByMyAss Ty np