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    idea for pk

    I agree with Vivaldi about Felankor. If people are given notice before the spawn of Felankor, they will probably log their mage and assassin characters, and if there are more than 2 parties, the mob will literally vanish into thin air in 20 seconds . So letting people keep track of its spawn time(~8-10 hours) means that they will stay longer in CZ so there will be PK(of course, if it's kinda balanced considering both nations) before and after the spawn.
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    idea for pk

    - bos war: if u dont wanna make it on cz add leader point on this war. we are(turks) dont wanna go rlb for 2x krowaz chest. -ultima: ty -felankor: i understand what u mean but when u dont tell the felankor time on notice we only pking good 1 time but if u tell felankor time before 1 hour u will see how is pk gonna good another things u are right
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    idea for pk

    I think the next expansion will be good for bringing in people. However, I would like to say and add to KUMARBAZ's point that we most certaintly do need more turkish people in the apexko community because as the diversity of apexko is certainly vast, there is a lapse of people in colony zone which is a peak time of pk for people living in turkey. We can easily multiply our population in this server if we simply have a few turkish clans come here. Now as Vivaldi has pointed out that the primary emphasis of turkish player's is to have apexko start as a new server, it will make it difficult because that's simply not going to happen. However seeing as this new expansion is going to be quite big considering it is bringing in UTC, I think we might have a shot at bringing in turkish clans here.