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    idea for pk

    make boss event in cz like before. not in base. because when people dont get leader point they dont want join this event. also when people kill chaos stone in base they dont get point for most speedy achivement. add one more lunar war because peoples lazy for farm with gold coins. push them pk for farm. add greed in cz and make it very strong and add more drop rate on it like ancient sheet/ts. people will make a party with 8 people for that and bowl will be more active. make mage class strong for this boss because more mage= more pk give more chance for new players. we have full item and i know apexko community respect us about that but when new players see us they dont want spend time. we need more turk because pk is suck in evening time(im talking about for turkey). another times we can pk with chinese and peruvians. pk is good. how u guys can call turks for apexko? the first one add turk gm like meret then open topic on turkish platforms. trust me too much turk clan have ballz for pk. when they die they try to make better party setup and fighting again. they are not gonna leave in cz. Ultima is very strong. i know why because u guys want make good pk but people dont care ultima anymore because this boss is immortal. Dont make it low like felankor but this boss need nerf. Tell on notice felankor time like ultima because when people see it people call him friends and cz gonna be very active. sorry for my bad english because i dont care english rules im not working in apexko community. so if they have good english they can understand it anyway. Because everyone is english teacher on keyboard in forum. focus on the topic not my english
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    idea for pk

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    idea for pk

    Hello KUMARBAZ, First of all, thanks for creating this thread filled with suggestions. I'll adress some of your points and also give everyone some perspective on what's coming. - About the boss wars: I'm sorry but it's nice to have a change of PK zones every now and then, it breaks the routine and it's only one day of the week after all. - Ultima: we'll update its drops before NERFing the mob. - Felankor: Telling the time for every boss is not good. It's part of the game to camp CZ and wait for it. This also provides a longer stay in the zone. - Turkish GM: We are and have always been looking for one but it is extremely hard. We can't find one that speaks both english and turkish with fluency and also has a personality that matches our way of doing things. - Turkish community: the amount of support we receive from them is amazing. If you could only see how much compliments we receive on facebook and even here in the forums every now and then. The problem is that they all have one thing in common which is asking for a new server. Our facebook's page inbox is filled with messages asking for that, they all want a fresh start which is something that we can not give them. But with that being said, we are currently working on a new expansion, and this one will be big. From improving the beginner gear to releasing UTC and lots and lots of new and original features. All this will be properly advertised when the time comes