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    Revolution vs kings 2v2

    lol may the best macro program win
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    First castellan wep 7!

    Check it out
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    Uhm.... Or beef the weapons up to a lil better than hepa raptor/ hepa shard/gabs/staff...keep the armor in bifrost so thats still useful...it gives ppl more to do....
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    Darius Sell/Buylist

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    First castellan wep 7!

    Sup whiteaq
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    Revolution vs kings 2v2

    Jeez Louise calm your kebabs! We all know that priest has the most importance in any kind of VS, that's just obvious so no need to point that out. Now go back to VSing all clans in KO history, the list is very long and you did not have a good start at it!
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    Revolution vs kings 2v2

    Priest, nothing. But the gains of a warrior on macro versus one without it is quite considerable.
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    Beef up the new items?

    Stop complain There was new update so stfu
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    Did you try using 'O' instead of 'Ö'? Normally that should work. o.o