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  3. It's the involved people in a trade or the sellers responsibility to use their brain.
  4. just use 1% of brain to think if any1 sell gb+3 for 450m

  6. ++++++++++++++++++++++ Updated.
  7. Teşekkür ediyorum.Bütün herkes hırsız diyor ama tamamen kendi suçları bunu bize yıkıyorlar anlamıyorum.bilgilendirme için teşekkürler
  8. Either if it was a trade or a merchant it’s the users responsibility to make sure the items and prices are correct before opening the merchant or confirming the trade. Word against word make it hard to revert something we don’t know the deal about.
  9. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SELL // +11 Fire Garges Aztec Staff // +3 Glass Belt // Cheap Fast Selling / pm me /
  10. I am glad i dont understand a thing they saying course nothing said can justify what has happened. Im only now just joined a clan with Joyla in it.. I dont know him for at all but seen him farm hard sell and farm more.. Good on him to get gbs items .. Just dont like seeing others gain for nothing... Im so Amazed a Gms not in here fixing it and ill keep repeating that as it has happened before starting with the +11 Rappy when they were worth something back in the day. This needs fixing and a point added to not be a jerk ass-hole to others in game .. ++++++ To all that support the return of the item
  11. Totally agree, Joyla is good person and he deserve the staff help. And i swear MeanToBeeM and his clan members won't be added to my pt anymore, and i won't make any trades with them aswell..
  12. Gm step in get items back to right ppl and mute them for the disrespect to other play who made honest mistake. We have them close trade and add other items after 3 or 4 times hopping you dont check to rip ppl.. Now a honest mistake was made from someone who dont deserve it to happen so GMS gift item back and Mute others for how rude and noobish it is to do it
  13. Ya senin beyinin bir sorun var yada sen tam bir gerizekalısın ulan ben ondan +0 glass almicakdım anlamıyormusun ben sadece pazarında gördüm amına kodummmm amına kodummmmm yeter lan insanda sabır bırakmıyorsunuz.Aldım gittim çokda iyi yapmışım bir daha pazar kurarken eli sikinde pazar kurmasın
  14. I don’t care trade merchant stolen mistake orno. You have a Glass Belt+3 for 450m don’t want to give back to the person because u are a poor bitch and even make fun of th guy that made this mistake. I call that respectless and very childish now get out poor kid. I’ll hope you guys make this mistake in future can’t wait for it.
  15. It's his crime that put the glass belt +3 instead of the string of skulls. We did not steal.

  17. We did not go shopping with him.
  18. That's what you do not understand. That man is lying to you.
  19. We never bought anything. We saw it randomly in the market.
  20. You call me a jerk? That’s funny. What should i do now? Cry under my table?? No way i will ever make trades with this child clan. Maybe beg for share on other people their characters and tell them to seal all their items and scam their GB’S and KC from Pus poor childs😂
  21. 450M for Glass Belt+3 and you guys don’t want to give it back to him for the 450M or Glass Belt+0 u actually were buying. You know how i think about u guys? Fucking 10 year olds that don’t have money for school lunch.
  22. Bundan sonra sizle daha çok dalga gecicez
  23. Adam bize hırsız diycek burdaki 3-4 yancıda gelicek küfür edicek öylemi
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