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  2. Xaldin pk

    Still dieing to a rogue as warrior is really a miracle in my opinion
  3. Xaldin pk

    omg brad i win ws 5-1
  4. Xaldin pk

    U shitted on that rouge very gg
  5. Xaldin pk

    Riote/Atross PK
  6. YouGotPwndByMyAss vs HANGOVER/Oguz Cocugu

    Maybe 20000kc...30000kc is much.. He is very afraid..
  7. PM ageuvk/ DonnyDonowitz s> chaos wirinon+11 i m look for rof+3 +kc or warrior krowas pads +11+kc
  8. PM with offer. Willing to trade for 2 warrior kro 11 pieces or 1 ROF 3 and a kro 11 piece.
  9. Xaldin pk

    harunga ko
  10. Xaldin pk

    No riote intro's
  11. Xaldin pk

  12. Yesterday
  13. Chinese assassins hit from such ranges, for their warriors it's pretty normal.
  14. Attack distance in mainland China as far as the Great Wall。: )
  15. YouGotPwndByMyAss vs HANGOVER/Oguz Cocugu

    I feel HANGOVER/GetReady4MyStorm is afraid of losing 30.000KC and he know im better then him
  16. The only video in any of those threads is dated from well before extra security measures went in, and even that isn't what I asked for. Prior to us tightening things up, lag was much more of a factor than it is now. It's easily demonstrated in the video linked, and reproduced by us just fine without any actual cheating involved. We aren't going to ban people just because people think they're cheating.
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