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  2. Xanthus

    S>Full Warrior & Rogue Items

  3. HesperiousSRB

    Sell Full Warrior items 5m NPS

    Sell Krowaz Warrior Set+11 Sel 2x ROF+3 Sel 2x Opal Ering+3 Sel Sos+3 Sel Weak Dwarf Wirinom+11 Sel Draki Str S.S.S Sel 5.000.000 NP Pm me here acept only kc
  4. TheBeastaq

    [ Selling Fire Rain Windforce +11 Reverse ]

  5. twostars

    Genie Atack Skill

    Right, this. Genie uses a separate targeting system to the player's regular targeting system, which breaks validation. I need to figure out what they're using exactly so I can fix these cases.
  6. pheonsly

    Genie Atack Skill

    Sometimes Skill and R atack fails when genie. TY 4 check
  7. MtnDew

    S > Full Warrior gear Cheap!

  8. TheBeastaq

    [ Selling Fire Rain Windforce +11 Reverse ]

    Selling CHD +14 reverse as well ++
  9. avarr53

    Sell full rogue item

  10. SacrificeProductions

    Sacrifice's Sell/ Buy List

    still selling the windforce
  11. Dragon

    Bdw ft juraid

    This events noone join. Why would u join if u get tear which expire that is really bad, why dont u back it normal no expire for tear. We need some better reward for ed and ft too. Pls look for soloution. Thx
  12. Za3B4L

    Selling warrior full gear

    price has been changed to 20k kc .
  13. ozangndz

    Sell ~~~~ Buy Merchant

    Sell Rep 11 Chaos Baal=13k Rogue +8 krowaz Set=2k +3 elf belt=1k +3 dual eme=1k 1x lego +3=500 1x rol +3=700 1x Rep 11 bombastic Windforce=4.5k 1x +7 Azagai=1k Toplu Alımda ciddi indirim yapılır bargain open
  14. - Selling - - Rogue Holy Knight set +8 - Lpp Raum + 11 - Ets + 11 -Lpp Raum + 11 - Elf Belt +3 x2 - COC ear +3 x2 -EME ear +3 x2 -Draki sss dex -Ring of Rife +3 x2 For Warria item or mage item kc Diva <<
  15. KissOfNeo


  16. Xanthus

    S>Full Warrior & Rogue Items

  17. twostars

    Cospre sets

    They've been bumped up to 7 days and are now storable. Closed.
  18. Eos

    Patch notes (19/11/2018)

    Değişiklikler CZ & RLB'deki Koruma Kulelerinin menzili ve hasarı arttı. Telafi eşyalarının süresi 7 güne uzadı (5ten) ve hepsinin depolanması sağlandı.
  19. twostars

    Patch notes (19/11/2018)

    Changelog Increased the range & damage of Guard Towers in CZ & RLB. Increased the duration of compensation items to 7 days (from 5) and allowed them all to be stored.
  20. 4GodLessTurtLee


  21. 4GodLessTurtLee

    need solution

  22. Yesterday
  23. Davinci

    DaVinci BUY/SELL List

  24. IIIAmJohnWick

    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    you guys still playing apexko? o.0
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